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Gel nail lacquer has taken nail polish to a whole new level and in May, I have introduced Orly Gel FX Gel Nail Lacquer to my clients...who doesn't want nail polish that lasts for 2 weeks without chipping and still stays glossy? Here's my take on the whole Orly Gel FX system after trying it out myself and also, what my clients have to say about it so far.
The Orly Gel FX system is comprised of a Primer, Base Coat, Top Coat and over 44 nail lacquer shades to choose from, all of which have to be cured under UV light for just 30 seconds (except for the Primer which is air dried). All products are supplied in 9ml nail polish bottles. The bottles are completely opaque due to the products' sensitivity to light and they feature Orly's award winning rubber cap that enables a firm grip. The brush applicator is a typical nail polish brush except for the Primer and Basecoat, each of which feature a shorter brush.

Apart from the gel elements, the system also comes with a 3-in-1 Cleanser and Gel Remover (each available in different volumes) as well as foil wraps, buffer, dry brush, LED lamp and cuticle oil. I didn't buy everything as I already had most of the equipment since I do gel nails. These are the items I got:

At the time I purchased the items, the buffer and foil wraps were out of stock so I ordered them a few weeks later. Apart from a selection of all the colours I offer to my clients, there is the Shade Shifter which I will talk about in a minute.

The foil wraps are a novel idea which I like as they come incorporated with a sponge and they can be tightened effectively around the nails for optimum removal of the gel.

The system also comes with what Orly call a Dry Brush that is used to brush down the tacky layer from the basecoat. I like how the bristles are shaped to mirror the shape of the cuticle as this enables more precise brushing and they have just the right degree of flexibility.

Preparation is the same as for all gel manicures as anything gel doesn't like an oily base, otherwise it will just lift off the nail. Clients and myself are quite impressed with the fact that application is very fast and the gels cure in just 30 seconds under LED light (I like to leave them in the lamp for a few more seconds since mine is a UV lamp). The important thing is to seal the edges to prevent thickening of the polish and make sure the manicure lasts for 2 weeks without chipping.

As for the Shade Shifter, it works only with the Orly Gel FX Lacquers and it goes clear if your hands are in a warm temperature and dark if they are in a cold ambiance.

Removal is pretty easy thanks to the specially designed foil remover wraps and gel remover. After soaking the nails for around 15 minutes, all you have to do is gently push off the product and you're ready to begin application of a new colour! These are the colours I currently offer:

I have been using Orly Gel FX myself as I find the product doesn't chip away when using gloves (my work involves the constant use of gloves) and I am pretty impressed with them. Nail art can still be done on the gel polishes as well. Here are some pictures of manicures I have created for my clients:

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3 comments on "Review | Orly Gel FX Gel Nail Lacquer"
  1. I like the idea of gel nails but would get bored of one colour for two weeks. The colour changing one sounds quite good though :)

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