Review | Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream & Body Scrub

If I had to ask you what is a woman's worst enemy in terms of beauty, I'm sure many would agree that it is cellulite. Cellulite affects women of all ages, shapes and sizes, even skinny minis! This condition is cause by a variety of factors such as diet, tight clothing, genetics, hormonal factors and your lifestyle in general. While regular exercise and a healthy diet promote a better looking body and help banish cellulite, not all factors are under our control and that is where Pupa Milano Anti-Cellulite Treatment comes in.  
Today I will be reviewing this product and share the results with you after using it everyday for 5 weeks.

The treatment is available in two variations, namely, Intensive Treatment for Water Retention and Cellulite and Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite and they are both supplied in the same packaging i.e. a 250mL tube of product in a carton box that essentially has the same information as that printed on the actual product as well as ingredients. At the time I purchased the product, they were also giving a sample sized (75mL, full size is 250mL) anti-cellulite scrub for free to complement the treatment.

I chose the Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite because I do have just a little cellulite showing at the very top of my thighs without the need to pinch the skin and this is more suited for that kind of cellulite.

The cream has a very nice and refreshing almost minty smell and it is very nice to work with and massage it into the skin. It has a green colour but it doesn't leave any residue on your skin. I tend to massage it in vigorous upwards circular motions for 5 minutes on each thigh and I like that it doesn't feel sticky and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. I didn't experience any tingling or stinging whatsoever while using the product unlike other brands I have tried and I didn't develop any allergic reactions or redness.

I applied it morning and evening for two weeks straight and my skin had already assumed a more toned appearance and cellulite was less visible. As a follow up, I continued to apply the cream once daily with the same massage movements and my skin looked more or less the same as when I last applied the cream for the initial two weeks. The treatment is based on a 20% concentrate of CEL-CONCEPT which according to clinical tests targets adipose cells (fat cells) and stimulates reduction of excess fat accumulation and prevents deposit of new fat.

I think that overall, this treatment really works and I am willing to continue applying it if my thighs still look as they are now but I have also committed myself to make healthier food choices and introduce a regular exercise routine in my life.

As for the scrub, like I already said, I was given it for free with the treatment and I have been applying it twice a week in the same massaging motion as the cream before I showered. The smell is the same as for the treatment cream and despite not being big, the natural pumice granules are abrasive enough. Scrubs help the skin renew faster as they remove dead skin cells but since this particular one is also targeted towards battling the visible signs of cellulite, it contains caffeine and Escin (a horse chestnut extract) which are both well known for their anti-cellulite properties in stimulating fat disposal and drainage of lymphatic tissues respectively.

To conclude, I would recommend both of these products to anyone who wishes to banish cellulite and is willing to apply them as directed to achieve the full benefits of the product. Check out the full information on the Pupa Milano website to see which treatment is best suited to your needs.

Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite retails for €28 and can be found in leading pharmacies and supermarkets across Malta & Gozo. Scrub given free until stocks lasts.

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  1. This stuff sounds amazing.. I've tried their makeup products they are amazing xx

  2. i like the idea of these kinds of products but i just can't imagine that they would actually work .

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