Guest Post | Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

Hello ladies :) I'm sure many if not all of you know about the Game Of Thrones series. I personally, have never watched the show but I am quite intrigued by what I hear about it...I just have to find the time! Marcela de Vivo, who has already contributed a couple of guest posts on this blog, has come up with an infographic to show you how you can re-create some hairstyles from the popular series. Enjoy!
Game of Thrones is that rare epic fantasy drama filled with a cast of strong female characters, who inspire love from their followers or strike fear into the hearts of men. Or sometimes both. Each has their individual style that is often a reflection of those characteristics, whether they are meek like Sansa Stark, who only wants to return to the time of innocence, or severe like Cersei Lannister, the devious Queen who wants nothing more than to rise to power. Their hair styles are no different, showing off their complex personalities through braids, buns, and ponytails.

With this infographic, you can imitate the impressive hair styles of your favourite Game of Thrones women with relative ease.

See a style you like? Try it out and share your results!

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