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Next up in my nail polish collection is Essence Cosmetics. Being a budget brand, Essence can be overlooked and not much is expected out of their products. I can confirm myself that this is not the case as the same factory that produces Essence nail polishes, produce O.P.I polishes, consequently, their nail polishes are very good quality for a small price tag! I really like the new bottles for the Colour & Go and Nude Glam ranges...they look so pretty and colourful in my drawers! Here goes!
Nude Glam 01 Hazelnut Cream Pie - light beige with a pink undertone and a light purple sheen
Nude Glam 02 Iced Strawberry Cream - light pearl pink
Nude Glam 03 Cotton Candy - sheer milky pink crème
Nude Glam 04 Iced Latte - light pink crème
Nude Glam 05 Café Ole' - light taupe crème
Nude Glam 06 Cookies & Cream - light creamy beige with gold iridescence


Colour & Go 04 Space Queen - iridescent glitter in a transparent light pink base 
Colour & Go 05 Sweet As Candy - very sheer candy pink crème
Colour & Go 22 What Do U Think? - coral crème with gold shimmer
Colour & Go 23 Sundancer - bright yellow crème
Colour & Go 35 Movie Star - medium grey crème
Colour & Go 38 Choose Me! - gold and green shimmer with a blue undertone 
Colour & Go 43 Where Is The Party? - metallic purple and green duochrome


Colour & Go 48 Meet Me Now! - medium purple crème
Colour & Go 50 Irreplaceable - light beige with abundant gold shimmer
Colour & Go 54 Trust In Fashion - dark green crème
Colour & Go 56 Let's Get Lost - petrol blue crème
Colour & Go 72 Time For Romance - old rose glitter and larger hex glitter in a transparent jelly base
Colour & Go 78 Blue Addicted - a mix of small blue glitter and larger light blue and green hex glitter in a transparent blue base
Colour & Go 86 A Lovely Secret - medium lilac with periwinkle shimmer
Colour & Go 101 Absolute Pure - clear
Colour & Go 105 Party Princess - iridescent glitter in a transparent pink base
Colour & Go 107 Naughty & Pink - bright Italian pink crème
Colour & Go 110 Modern Romance - light peachy pink crème
Colour & Go 111 English Rose - dark old rose crème

Colour & Go 113 Do You Speak Love? - dark red crème
Colour & Go 114 Fame Fatal - medium red crème
Colour & Go 115 Redvolution - orangey red crème
Colour & Go 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling - dark rust crème with small iridescent gold flakes
Colour & Go 119 Boho Chic - dark peach crème with small iridescent gold flakes

Colour & Go 120 Cookie Love - dark beige with small gold flakes
Colour & Go 121 Gold Fever - gold and red glitter
Colour & Go 122 Chic Reloaded - metallic purple and dark green duochrome
Colour & Go 126 Date In The Moonlight - dark navy blue crème with royal blue shimmer
Colour & Go 129 The Boy Next Door - dark royal blue crème

Colour & Go 131 Ballerina's Charm - dark lilac with a grey undertone and small silver shimmer
Colour & Go 133 Oh My Glitter! - vivacious purple with iridescent pink shimmer
Colour & Go 138 L.O.L - lime green crème
Colour & Go 139 Walk On The Wild Side - dark hunter green with lighter green shimmer
Colour & Go 140 Go Bold! - gold foil
Colour & Go 142 Grey-t To Be Here - light grey with iridescent pink shimmer 

01 Gold Old Buffy (Vampire's Love Trend Edition - November 2011) - gold flakes in a black crème base
02 Into The Dark (Vampire's Love Trend Edition - November 2011) - midnight blue crème with silver shimmer
03 True Love (Vampire's Love Trend Edition - November 2011) - metallic dark purple
04 The Dawn Is Broken (Vampire's Love Trend Edition - November 2011) - light grey crème with fine black & silver shimmer
05 Hunt Me If You Can (Vampire's Love Trend Edition - November 2011) - silver flakes in a black crème base
01 Jacob's Protection (The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trend Edition - November 2012) - dark navy blue with green and lighter blue shimmer
03 A Piece Of Forever (The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trend Edition - November 2012) - metallic yellowish gold with gold shimmer

02 Red-Y To Relax (Home Sweet Home Trend Edition - December 2012) - true red crème
04 Berry Me Home (Home Sweet Home Trend Edition - December 2012) - dark raspberry crème
02 Bad Girl (Cute As Hell Trend Edition - Feb/March 2010) - bright orange crème
04 Date Me! (Cute As Hell Trend Edition - Feb/March 2010) - lilac crème
02 Like Leo's Pilot Jacket (Legends Of The Sky Trend Edition - January 2012) - khaki green crème
02 The Pump (High Heel Mania Trend Edition - May/June 2013) - baby pink crème
04 Totally Retro Nude (Soul Sista Trend Edition - March/April 2012) - light beige nude with gold shimmer

01 Just Can't Get Enough Pop Top Coat (Remix Your Style Trend Edition - October 2011) - rose shimmer
01 Feels So Good Love Top Coat (Remix Your Style Trend Edition - October 2011) - metallic light pink base with holographic silver glitter
04 Coconut Kiss - pearl white with a lilac/green sheen

4 comments on "Nail Polish Collection | Essence Cosmetics"
  1. I've never seen so many Essence nail polish. Unfortunately for me Essence polishes last only a day, if even, before they chip :(

  2. So many pretties! Really wish the brand would come to England! :D

  3. Love essence! Especially their polishes!

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