Nail Polish Collection | O.P.I., Zoya, Essie & Orly

Next up in my nail polish collection are O.P.I., Zoya, Essie and Orly. I have grouped these brands because I do not have a lot of polishes from any of them. Out of all these, O.P.I. is my favourite brand. I really like their formulas and the creative names they always come up with! I tend to go for their glitter mostly because of their unusually unique combination. I would like to experiment more with the other brands though especially Orly since I use their Gel FX on my clients. Here goes!


Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It (Vintage Minnie Mouse Limited Edition - Summer 2012) - iridescent pink, purple and gold glitter and light pink heart confetti suspended in a light pink jelly base
Minnie Style (Couture de Minnie Limited Edition - Summer 2013) - pink, white, red small hex glitter and white square confetti in a transparent base
Lights Of Emerald City (Oz The Great and Powerful - Spring 2013) - opaque white squares and smaller iridescent square confetti in a clear base
What Wizardry Is This? (Oz The Great and Powerful - Spring 2013) - dark brown with greenish-gold reflects. Dries to a matte finish and features O.P.I's ground breaking textured finish
When Monkeys Fly (Oz The Great and Powerful - Spring 2013) - large gold hex confetti mixed with different sized holographic hex glitters in a clear base
The World Is Not Enough (Skyfall 007 | The Dangerous Shades - 2012) - pewter with pink, blue and silver shimmer and a touch of bronze
Skyfall (Skyfall 007 | The Seductive Shades - 2012) - luxurious burgundy crème with maroon undertones
The Man With The Golden Gun (Skyfall 007 - 2012) - luxurious 18K gold leaf pieces in a clear base.

Lara - bright pink crème
Neely - pastel mint crème

Vanity Fairest - sheer nude pink with tiny silver shimmer
Licorice - black crème
Stylenomics - dark green crème
Very Structured - dark tan crème
In Stitches - dark old rose crème
Shine Of The Times - iridescent flakes in a clear base

Dazzle - silver foil

From Orly, I also have my two favourite base coats of all time, namely Nailtrition and Bonder which help strengthen my nails and polish to adhere better respectively.

Which is your favourite brand/shade out of the ones in this post?


Here are two O.P.I. polishes that I have received after posting this collection instalment:

Alcatraz...Rocks (San Francisco - Fall 2013) - navy blue with multi coloured shimmer. Dries to a matte finish and features O.P.I.'s ground breaking textured finish
Which Is Witch? (Oz The Great and Powerful - Spring 2013) - holographic silver large hex and bar glitter 
3 comments on "Nail Polish Collection | O.P.I., Zoya, Essie & Orly"
  1. I like OPI's names too, quite creative. I need to try more Orly polish, only have Fowl Play which is nice but want to try more :)

  2. Minnie Style is so cute! I love Zoya Lara, it's so cool to own a pretty nail polish that has the same name as you!!

  3. Ooooh Alcatraz...Rocks is so pretty! Not seen that one before.