The Exit Interview Series | Volume #23

These are the products that I have used up this month, starting with some new discoveries in the skin care department.

First up are the Pure Exfoliating makeup remover wipes. Mum picked these up for me when the Lycia ones which I normally use were out of stock and I really liked the results as they didn't irritate my skin and eyes and they didn't break me out. Best bit...they only cost €1! I think I will repurchase once I use up the other pack I currently have.
Another new product is the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser (sample) which was in my goodie bag from the Biocare Academy graduation event. It is tailored for the most sensitive of skins and although I only used a couple of times, I could already feel and see the difference on my skin. I have used it after returning home from work as due to the extreme and sudden temperature changes, my skin flares up as soon as I am out of work and after I have used this cleanser, there was no redness on my face whatsoever! I am willing to give this a go after I finish my Michael Todd cleansers.
The Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud and the Essence Stay Natural Concealer are regular appearances in these posts and I guess you know by now that I wouldn't want to be caught without them...ever.

Another Dermalogica product sample which I really enjoyed using is the Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate. This lasted me for three uses and I could see the results after just a few minutes from applying the product. All the redness present on my skin would just vanish and I like that it didn't irritate me or break me out. I am also willing to give this a go.

Moving on, I have Impulse Romantic Sparkand Hint Of Musk deodorant which evoke a light floral fragrance and a woody, citrus scent respectively all day long. In fact that is the reason Impulse is my favourite deodorant brand. I am currently working on using more perfume samples from my stash and this month I have used up B.U. Heartbeat and Valentina by Valentino, both of which smell really girly.

Lastly, I have this nail polish remover from Cien (a Lidl brand) that comes in a very handy pump bottle which I will be keeping for future use with nail cleaners and the likes. The remover itself is also pretty good as it takes off nail polish in no time. 

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  1. Everyone seems to be blogging about the Lidl remover, I need to find my nearest Lidl soon :p