NOTW | Feather Manicure

I have finally jumped on the feather manicure bandwagon thanks to I had bought a 5 feather pack off their website a couple months back and I have finally found the time to try them. I chose a natural colour to see how I liked the manicure and I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out to be. I used colour gels for this manicure so I had to prep my nails accordingly.
1. Prep your nails the usual way and apply two coats of a nail polish of your choice on the ring and middle fingers of both hands. I used Systeme Unique Colour Gel in Pewter.
2. Leave to dry (or in my case cure under UV light). Proceed by applying two coats of the same colour in a French tip fashion on the rest of your nails. Leave to dry (or cure).
3. Apply a third thin coat of the same colour on the ring and middle fingers. Do NOT cure.
4. Using a dotting tool, randomly place dots of another colour on the nails and using a small dotting tool, swirl the colours together to create a marbled effect. The contrasting colour I used is Systeme Unique Colour Gel in Metal Bronze. Cure under UV light and repeat for the other nails on the French tip area. If you are using nail polish, it is best to create the marbled effect one nail at a time.
5. Now for the feathers! Apply a coat of clear top coat on one of the ring fingers and snip off the tail of the feather you chose. Gently lower the feather on the still wet top coat, lick the ring finger of the opposite hand and apply gentle pressure to adhere the feather to your nail. Wait for a few seconds for the polish to dry and proceed by applying another layer of top coat over the feather. Here you want to make sure to apply top coat on the excess feather hanging over the free edge to make it easier to cut later on. Leave to dry.
6. Trim the excess feather off and file down any bits remaining closer to your nail. Finish off with a glossy top coat to complete your design. I used the Orly Gel FX Topcoat so I had to cure it and wipe off the tacky layer with the Orly Gel FX Cleanser.
And that's it! Anyone else tried the feather manicure?  

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  1. It looks so cool! Are they thin enough to use with regular polish or do you recommend gel polish for better look?