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Show off hands please! How many of us have gloopy nail polishes in our collection? And how many of us are guilty of trying to restore them by adding polish remover, only to discover they still go bad after a few days? Yeah, thought so!
Today I am excited to share with you this BK Nail Lacquer Thinner from Born Pretty Store. I was really eager to receive this product but for some reason the order took quite long to arrive and when I emailed BPS customer service, they told me the order was probably lost and they sent me a replacement order straight away which arrived within two weeks.
The BK Nail Lacquer Thinner comes in a white plastic bottle with a pointy cap that you twist the upper part of to dispense the product through a thin nozzle. While I like concept of the packaging to avoid spilling and wasting the thinner, I have to point out that I would have preferred if the lid didn't come off as I think that this is the reason some of the product has spilt during transit.

As you would expect, the thinner has a very powerful smell that lingers on for a while and I highly recommend working in a well ventilated area whilst using it. I have used the thinner to restore some of my nail polish which have turned gloopy, including two crackle polishes. All I needed were just a few drops of thinner, shake the bottle to mix with the polish and the polish was good as new in no time! I tried applying the polishes afterward and they applied like a dream. As for the crackle polishes, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they still dried to a crackle finish.

I have also found another use for this clean nail polish bottle necks! Check out all the details and tutorial here.

Needless to say, I definitely recommend this product! Like I said the only use I had is with it spilling during transit but I will re-purchase for sure!

BK Nail Lacquer Thinner can be bought from Born Pretty Store for $6.88 for 70mL of product.
2 comments on "Review | BK Nail Lacquer Thinner"
  1. I wondered if they would work with crackle polishes, great to know they do :D

  2. I wasn't sure if it worked with crackle polishes, thanks for letting me know! I like to keep my polishes fresh and their bottles clean so I'll try your method with thinner!