Review | The Body Shop Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub

A good body scrub is essential in my body care regime and I use it religiously twice a week. We all know the benefits of using a body scrub and how soft and smooth our skin feels after applying it. My favourite brand for body scrubs is none other than The Body Shop. Besides their extensive, yummy-smelling range, their scrubs do what they are supposed to do and I always have a tub or two for fear of running out. 
More often than not, I usually buy the Coconut body scrub but the last time I was in their Valletta shop, looking for a new scent of scrub, the Brazil Nut version sent my senses to heaven and back so I settled on buying it instead.
Like all other The Body Shop scrubs the packaging is quite simple with the product being supplied in a 200mL plastic tub with a transparent bottom and a coloured screw-on lid according to the scent and a sticker depicting the main ingredient.
The texture is very creamy and not at all runny yet very easy to work onto the skin. The granules are a mixture of rather large and small grains and I like that they are just the right degree of abrasive. The smell is divine; sweet and nutty, almost like chocolate I'd say! I must confess that whenever I'm feeling down, I just open this scrub and take a whiff and I' immediately in a better place!
Like all other The Body Shop scrubs, this one is very easy to rinse off with water and leaves the skin feeling soft. smooth and smelling gorgeous all over. The best way to apply a scrub to get the most out of it is to wet the skin and apply the product in upwards circular motions.
I highly recommend The Body Shop Body Scrubs as besides being the best one on the market (for me at least), poor communities around the world will benefit from the sales of such products as The Body Shop supports Community Fair Trade by incorporating ingredients from the said countries. In the case of this scrub, the CFT ingredient is Brazil Nut Oil from Peru.
The range is quite extensive and you are sure to find a scrub to suit your skin type and tastes!
The Body Shop Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub retails for €12.50 from The Body Shop outlets across Malta and Gozo or online for UK residents from For international stockists, please check out their website.

2 comments on "Review | The Body Shop Brazil Nut Cream Body Scrub"
  1. I've never tried their scrubs! I have this scent in their Beautifying Oil and it smells amazing, so I'm adding this scrub to my wishlist! ;)

    P.S. : I love their coconut scent! x

  2. I've always used their Lemon scrub, I liked it instantly and never had to look for another one. But seeing this, should I maybe try a different one? :P I just ran out of it... I'm sure this smells amazing, maybe I should try this one instead. (help! lol)