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Today I have a product review that I have been meaning to do for ages but somehow it completely slipped out of my mind! Well better late than never they say so here goes!
As you can tell from the title, I will be reviewing Orly Nailtrition which I have claimed many times that it is my favourite base for strong, healthy nails. I maybe a little bit biased because Orly is one of the professional brands I use on my clients but having my clients confirm that it is an excellent product that does wonders to their nails, I think I do the right thing in buying this product over and over again.
Orly Nailtrition is part of the brand's nail treatments line and hence comes in a carton box with an open window on the front. Orly have recently revamped their packaging but I still have the old one for now.
The polish is supplied in an 18mL bottle featuring Orly's signature rubberised cap for a better grip and it is a very light pearl pink in colour that actually goes on transparent with a pearly sheen. The formula is on the watery side yet easy to work with and dries rather quickly. The smell is nothing overpowering and fades away quickly.

Orly Nailtrition is meant to be used as a nail strengthening and growth treatment for a period of two weeks. It is suggested that you apply a coat or two of the product to bare nails everyday for a week, take everything off at the end of the week and repeat the program for another week. Should you wish to repeat the two week program, it is suggested that you skip a week between applications. 

Generally I like to use Nailtrition a base coat though to strengthen and protect my natural nails and I can affirm that I personally have seen a difference in how strong my nails look and feel. I guess the keratin and bamboo extract in the polish really work their magic!
I recommend this treatment to practically anyone who wants longer, stronger nails in a short period of time but I do recommend having another base coat on the side to give your nails a break from hardeners as they can sometimes act the opposite of how they should (for more info on the matter, have a look at my article on over here).
I buy Orly Nailtrition from Ebay and usually pay between €6 and €9 depending on the seller, shipping included.
Have you ever tried any Orly nail treatments?

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  1. I haven't tried this one, sounds good though :)