Review | Wjcon Automatic Lip Liner Bimbo

I have a list of products that I have yet to review and the next one up is Wjcon Automatic Lip Liner in the shade Bimbo.
I bought this a few months ago now to match with Wjcon Sublime Matt Lipstick 611 primarily but I also wear it on its own sometimes or even under a similar coloured lip gloss. The packaging is really simple yet innovative as it also incorporates a small sharpener at the back. I like that the colour of the packaging is the colour of the lip liner as it makes it easier to pick the colour you want. Ingredients are printed on the pencil itself.
Another thing I like about the packaging is that the product doesn't shave off when retracted back in place...which is not always the case with retractable products. Also, the cap closes securely.

The texture is very creamy and the product has very good pigmentation with high coverage and glides on easily. It is easy to blend and I find that my lipstick lasts longer when I wear this lip liner under it. The pointy end allows easy lining of the lips and it can be restored thanks to the sharpener.

I would describe the colour as a Barbie pink sort of colour with a matte finish. One thing to note is that although the product has a matte finish, it is not going to dry out your lips while wearing it. It just feels comfortable.
The brand's claim that it is long-lasting holds true for this product as it is quite resistant to water and doesn't smudge. Your best bet to take off this product is to use a waterproof makeup remover, otherwise it is going to take longer to remove. The product being paraben-
free is an added bonus.
I would recommend this lip liner to anyone basically and at €4.90 it surely won't break the bank!
The Wjcon Automatic Lip Liner range comprises 15 exquisite shades and can be found on sale at Wjcon shops around Italy and in Malta in their Birkirkara shop.

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  1. OMG, such an amazing shade!! Love the little sharpener too :)