The Exit Interview Series | Volume #24

Quite a lot of empties this month starting with Michael Todd Cleanse & Tone and Charcoal Detox cleansers. I am really pleased with these cleansers and I have already bought a backup for both of them way before I ran out because I really like the way my skin looks and feels now that I have been using these cleansers. I used the Cleanse & Tone in the morning and the Charcoal Detox in the evening for a more through clean.
Another two skin care products are the Dermalogica Ultracalming Relief Masque and the Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry face masque. This is not the first appearance for MJ products on this blog and I have used this particular masque many time before and I am always pleased with the results. On the other hand, the Dermalogica masque was a new product for me and I have to say I was quite impressed with it even though I was only able to use it once because it was a sample size. I like how light it feels on the skin and it starts working immediately and calms redness on my skin in an instant. Very tempted to buy the full sized product in fact!
This month I had the opportunity to try a few new products thanks to Dean Gera Hair Care and Make Up Store. I have finished two of the samples that they gave us at the opening event of the hair salon and while I can confirm I was in for a treat with the hair mask, I cannot say the same for the face mask. The True Keratin Super Sleek+ Post-Treatment Masque left my hair oh so soft, smooth, frizz-free and perfectly straight while smelling really good. On the other hand, the Anti-Blemish mask did a very good job at leaving my skin soft but it did sting a little while I was wearing it. The worst part is that it left my skin red and blotchy. Moreover, I mixed the contents of one sachet with water as directed and ended up wasting half of it because it jellified and I couldn't reapply. Definitely won't be buying.
Next is the another product from the Home Spa by Make Up Store range. This time it is the Salt Polish Ginger of which I only had one sachet (also given to me for free at the Dean Gera Hair Care opening event earlier this month). I have to say I was in for a treat with this product both from its exfoliating action as well as the essential oil scent. My only concern is that the price is a bit expensive so I might only consider buying the product as a treat.

The next product is a work-essential for me. These are the Floralys (a LIDL brand) Chamomile Wet Toilet Wipes and I always make sure to keep a pack of these in my locker to use during that time of month to feel refreshed and clean. The light chamomile scent leaves me feeling fresh all day long and I have never experienced any irritation whatsoever. You definitely get good value for money out of these wipes as they come in packs of 2, each containing 70 wipes and they only cost €1.59. You have to use three at one go though but they still last a long time and to retain freshness, they are also supplied with a plastic box. The last thing I have to say about them is that they are flushable so you don't have to worry about disposing of them!

This month has also seen me use up the Wjcon Biphasic Makeup Remover which is by far my favourite makeup remover as it really takes no effort to remove all my makeup, even waterproof mascara without tugging at my skin. It doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin and has never irritated my sensitive skin. Will definitely repurchase. I have also used up this sample sized Kids Shampoo from Mixed Chicks. This was good for 8 washes and I loved how soft my hair felt after using it. Not sure I would cave into buying it though.
Another bathroom-related product is this mini Hair and Body Gel that I got from the hotel we stayed at in Paris. I always carry a few of these sample sized shower gels from wherever I am staying as I find they are really handy to carry to weekend getaways and the likes. I have used up one of them during my weekend in Gozo and although I don't know the manufacturing company, I thought it was worth a mention just because it smells so good and lathers up well...something I look for in a shower gel. I never used it on my hair though because I like to use a shampoo and conditioner tailored especially for my hair type.

Next up is Pupa Milano Intensive Anti-Cellulite Scrub. I like the smell of this and the granules are just the right degree of abrasive. It takes some time to wash off but does a good job at exfoliating my skin. I don't think I would repurchase this though as I feel it does nothing to combat cellulite on its own (I was actually given this for free with the Pupa Milano Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream).

I have also used up this deodorant which Mum picked at random. I happened to like the scent which lasts all day. If I come across it again, I think I would repurchase just because it smells so good.

I have two make-up empties this month. The first one is the E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner Black which has totally dried out and fell out of the container. I did get a lot of use out of it though but I prefer gel eyeliners to be in glass containers as that way they don't dry out. I won't be repurchasing this.

Last but not least, I have Maybelline Experteyes Kohl Pencil. This has been in my stash for ages and I have finally used it up. I preferred using it during the day with more toned-down looks mostly because it is not that pigmented and it doesn't last long. No re-purchase here.

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  1. I always read your empties post - you always go in so much detail even with samples. Very helpful x I would love to read your review on the anti cellulite cream from PUPA. X

    1. Thanks doll! I have already reviewed the cream here if you want to check it out :)