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Image courtesy of Philip Kingsley Malta
Backed by 60 years of Trichological experience, Philip Kingsley, the man who saved Audrey Hepburn's hair back in 1974 and coined the phrase 'bad-hair day', went on to establish a high-end hair care brand that is now also accessible on the local market thanks to Liberty Business Culture (who also have Biocare Academy).

Us bloggers were cordially invited to be a part of it all at yesterday's official launch. To be honest I have never heard of the brand before but when Roberta, their Marketing Coordinator was briefing us a little about the brand (during a previous event) and mentioned Audrey Hepburn's name, I knew this brand was something to look out for!
The launch event consisted of a presentation and demonstration (aimed specifically for the hairdressers in attendance, during which I got very jealous of the model which was receiving a very relaxing head massage), both of which were excellently delivered by Ms. Lisa Elizabeth Caddy, UK Sales Manager & International Trainer for Philip Kingsley.
Ms. Lisa Eliszbeth Caddy briefing us about the brand
What intrigued me the most about this brand is that it is mostly based on Trichology, a branch of Dermatology (study of the skin) that is concerned with the study of the scalp and hair in both health and disease.
Let's face it...we have all experienced the psychological boost a fresh hair do gives us and like our skin, healthy hair is the result of a healthy scalp! Here is some information about the Philip Kingsley brand and the man behind it.
Philip Kingsley range of shampoos. Image courtesy of Philip Kingsley Malta
Philip Kingsley products have been launched in 1997 and can be found in 22 countries worldwide. They have Trichological clinics in Mayfair, London and in Manhattan, New York where both medical and cosmetic issues are dealt with by fully qualified Trichologists. Philip Kingsley himself is a practicing Trichological consultant himself since 1957. Trichologists study nutrition, dermatology, physiology, genetics, cosmetic science and endocrinology (hormone studies) to be able to deal with clients experiencing any type of hair loss or scalp problems as well as treating other hair problems such as chemical damage. The brand insists on honest and ethical consultation to ensure the right diagnosis and treatment. 
The Philip Kingsley approach to formulating the right hair products is based on hair textures and they formulate products for Fine, Medium, Coarse and African-Caribbean hair types. All Philip Kingsley products contain UV sunscreen and are free of colouring agents. Although the products are not organic, they strive to using the ingredients in their most natural state and they only go in there if they are backed by scientific research that they actually do something to help the hair and scalp look and feel healthy. The brand promises immediate results and long term benefits when using the right products for your hair type.
They have an extensive range of products, the most popular of which is probably the pre-shampoo conditioner, Elasticizer which was developed for Audrey Hepburn to help her keep her hair in tip-top condition while filming movies. The brand boasts numerous awards and whenever their products are featured in media, they always get the highest ratings. Is it any wonder Mr. Kingsley has been called 'The Hair Doctor' and 'The Hair Guru' by The Times and The New York Times respectively?
I have fine hair and I am really interested in trying a few products from this brand. The ones that interest me the most are the Elasticizer, Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner and the Scalp Toner. For now, I will get through the Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner samples that they kindly gave us at the end of the event before we headed down for some refreshments!

So thank you Liberty Business Culture for inviting us for yet another interesting event! For more information on the products and stockists, check out the local Facebook page here or the Philip Kingsley website.

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  1. I've had the elasticizer on my wish list for a very long time now. It sounds so good but I can't quite part with the money as it is quite expensive.