Nail Polish Collection | Miscellaneous Brands

This is the penultimate instalment of my Nail Polish Collection Series and I have grouped together the remaining brands of polish basically of which I only have individual shades. Read on for pictures and shade descriptions as per the previous posts :)
Black Onyx - metallic dark bronze
Oil Of Olay 678 Bronze Reflection - metallic bronze with green and gold shimmer

Max Factor Nailfinity 549 Red Passion - bright red crème
Missha PK102 - medium pink with silver shimmer
Inglot 309 - metallic sky blue

La Femme - metallic holly leaf green
Victoria - metallic Italian pink


CH Nail Lacquer #18 - neon pink. Glows under UV light
LiangQiEr - metallic olive green. Magnetic effect
Wirly - small round purple glitter mixed with holographic hex glitter in a transparent jelly

2 comments on "Nail Polish Collection | Miscellaneous Brands"
  1. I like the shimmer brows, nice for this time of year :)

  2. Anonymous4/10/13 19:15

    Whirly is gorgeous!! Enjoyed these posts! Lots of work was put in them! Well done xx