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A good concealer is a must have for flawless looking skin. You know how much I love the Essence Stay Natural Concealer for my under-eyes as it does the job and doesn't feel heavy at all. However, when it comes to redness and zits, it doesn't seem to counteract such problematic areas that well so I tend to reach for the NYX Concealer in a Jar in the shade CJ12 Green but I always use this when wearing foundation because the light green tinge can still be visible so for me it's not good for everyday use as I do not wear foundation everyday.
I wanted a concealer that I can use on problem areas, conceal/correct them effectively and that blends well with my skin and only needs to be set with powder. Enter Catrice Camouflage Cream which has been on my wishlist for a while and I was convinced to get it after I read Davinia's review on her blog Lady With No Name.
Catrice Camouflage Cream comes in a black plastic pot featuring a screw-on cap with a transparent window bearing the brand's logo and product name. The shade name and number are printed on a sticker at the bottom. While I think the packaging is very sleek and pro-looking, I don't think it is very sanitary especially if you tend to apply makeup with your fingers. I always recommend using brushes for a more professional result and to keep makeup clean and free from bacteria. To apply this, I use a small concealer brush.

I chose the shade 010 Ivory which is the lightest out of the three available and luckily for me it was the last one on the stand at the pharmacy I bought it from. I'm glad they had testers available and I was able to swatch shade 020 Light Beige as well to see which one of the two suited me best. I swatched both of them on my jawline and waited for a few minutes while I browsed for other products I needed. I then looked in a mirror to see if any of them was visible. When I first applied them, both shades were undetectable but upon time passing, shade 020 kind of oxidised on me and turned to a darker shade while 010 was completely invisible so my choice was obvious.

The product has a thick, creamy texture which is easy to blend and allows you enough time to work with it before it 'dries'. It is odourless and I like that it lasts so long even without setting it with powder. I do recommend you set it though because it lasts that extra bit longer and the skin looks nicer; I was only testing it out for the purpose of this review when I didn't set it.

The one time I didn't like this concealer is when I tried it under my eyes. It felt quite heavy and it sort of clumps after some time so I will be sticking with the Essence one for this area.

I paid €3.49 for 3g of product and I would recommend this to anyone who wants
 a good concealer that won't break the bank and will last for a long time.

Catrice Cosmetics are available from various pharmacies around Malta and Gozo.

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