Review | Orly Bonder

Today I will be reviewing Orly Bonder which has been an indispensable product in my kit ever since I tried for the first time.
Orly Bonder is a rubberised basecoat which promotes nail polish adhesion for longer-lasting manicures. It comes in an 18mL bottle featuring Orly's rubberised grip cap and like all nail treatments from the brand, it comes in a carton box with an open front window. I'm a big fan of the grip cap because it makes for a steady application and I must admit that I prefer the new one to the old one.
The polish has a light orange tint which doesn't really show up on the nails. However, it did stain my nails orange just a little after using it for the first time so I prefer to apply this over another basecoat such as Orly Nailtrition and that seems to work for me. It smells just like other polishes would and the brush is the right size to work on any nail bed. It dries quickly to a matte finish that actually feels rubbery.
As for it's performance, I find that my manicures do last longer when I use this product than when I don't so I guess it really does work. Just one coat is enough to achieve the desired rubberised effect so the product is sure to last you a long time.

I would recommend Orly Bonder to anyone who wants to achieve longer lasting manicures at home...and who doesn't?!
3 comments on "Review | Orly Bonder"
  1. I really like the rubberised cap too, it really is great for getting a grip on the lid :)

  2. I love this stuff. I find that if I put it on between coats as well using it as a base coat, it works even better.

    1. Thanks for sharing your tip! It never occurred to me to use it that way actually so I will try that as well :)