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Apart from those blessed with naturally clear skin, who doesn't want a fast-acting skin clearing product to combat spots without leaving marks? Ladies, I have BIG news for I have found such a miracle product! Enter Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot. 
I have had my eyes on this product for far too long but I was scared to try it because I have had an allergic reaction to a Vichy product in the past. However, seeing it featured in Glamour's October issue, I was once more very tempted to try it, hence I went to my nearest pharmacy and bought this miracle worker.
It comes in a carton box with information about the product in various languages, the English translation of which is included on an insert in the box. The actual packaging is a very simple white plastic tube that contains 15mL of product. The green cap comes off just by unscrewing it and you are greeted with a silver coloured angled applicator through which the product comes out.   

The product is actually a clear gel-like ointment that you apply morning and evening to the affected area via the silver applicator which feels very cool and refreshing on the skin. However, I prefer to use clean fingers to apply it so as not to contaminate the applicator (hence the product) as a pimple is essentially an infection.

It feels nice on the skin and it acts like a plaster by forming an invisible film to protect and insulate the affected area hence preventing it from worsening. The product has what Vichy call 'Plaster Technology' because it acts just like a plaster with the added benefit of it being anti-bacterial. It contains Hyaluronic acid (found in the vast majority of acne-targeting products) as well as Salicylic Acid and highly dosed LHA to act against imperfection-causing bacteria. The product is dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin (always a big plus for me), paraben free and non-comedogenic.

I have been using Normaderm Hyaluspot ever since on break-outs and I can confirm that it acts really rapidly because spots only last 2 or 3 days on my skin and they clear up without leaving any nasty marks as opposed to before where they took 5 to 7 days to heal completely and still, marks would take longer. I noticed that the redness subsides as well and the spot only diminishes in size. To really test the product out, I have also applied it on a little scar that was gradually fading away and I did see an improvement in the rate it is fading. On a side note, I have never developed an allergic reaction while using the product.

Since the product has a light texture, I even like to apply it under makeup (if I am wearing any), however, I always make sure to use just a little, otherwise it will flake over time and we all know concealer and foundation laden dry skin bits are not a good look!

To sum up, this product is a must-have to anyone who struggles with breakouts and acne scars. The results will be worth it!

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot is available in leading pharmacies and retails for €13.50 for 15mL of product. 

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