The Exit Interview Series | Volume #25

Just like last month, I have lots of empties once again so let's get right into it! The first product I finished is this Rimmel London powder blush in the shade 004 Pink Rose. It is my preferred everyday blush because of its rosy colour and just a teeny weeny bit of shimmer that easily goes unnoticed. It has a silky texture and lasts the whole day. A definite repurchase. Another makeup product which by now you all know I love is the Essence Stay Natural Concealer which I always repurchase over and over again!
Next I have this cheap shampoo which I bought to wash my brushes with. I used to buy the one from E.L.F. but I think it's rather expensive considering regular hair shampoo does the same job so I am sticking to that. This one in particular has a very faint floral like scent and does the job really well. The bristles feel soft to the touch afterwards and it lathers up nicely and no traces of makeup are left on the brushes/sponges/tools.

I have used up another bottle of the Lidl acetone-free polish remover. I just can't get over how effective this is at removing polish in an instant. Not to mention the ultra handy pump dispenser which is great even to dip brushes in it for cleaning cuticles etc. Backup already purchased! The same goes for Impulse deodorant.
Moving on, I have some skin care products. Again, another Dermalogica sample, this time it is the Redness Relief SPF20. I used this just once after I applied a face mask that didn't agree with my skin  and left me with red patches all over my face. The redness disappeared in a matter of seconds and my skin looked really even in tone. I definitely recommend this and I am thinking of buying the range myself.

The next skin care product which I thoroughly enjoyed using is the Lierac Paris Gommage Douceur. It is basically a creamy exfoliating scrub and I really enjoyed having good skin days each time I used this wonder product. It never broke me out and it removes dead skin effectively. On a side note, I will be attending the official launch for Lierac products tonight so stay tuned for an event post :)
Moving on to the 'bad' skincare product, Good Things Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes. I know a lot of people swear by this brand, hence I decided to give these wipes a go. I have only used them once on my face and the next morning I woke up with puffy eyes I could barely open and two humungous zits on my left cheek. I ended up using them to wipe away swatches from my hand just to not let them go to waste. I will most definitely not repurchase but there is one thing I like about them; the size and material of the cloth. It feels very strong and one wipe is enough to remove a full face of makeup.
Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud is a common appearance in this kind of posts because it is one of those masks that I buy over and over again...enough said. Then I have these collagen eye patches which I bought from Ebay the other month. They fit comfortably and they are single use but for the price they seem to do a good job. Would repurchase because they feel like a nice treat!
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