NOTW | Floral Degrade'

Good afternoon lovelies :) Hope you're all having a fab Sunday funday :) Today I have a nail art tutorial for you! This one will look pretty on any nail length and of course you can adapt it with any colour combination you like. I have favoured acrylic paint for this tutorial because it is much easier to work with when you are doing intricate designs and all, plus it gives you plenty of time to create the design you want. Read on for the step-by-step guide to creating this ultra girly design!
1. Prep your nails with base coat and leave to dry. Apply a second coat for added protection if you are using a dark base polish.
2. Using a fan brush, dip half of it in an acrylic colour of your choice and the other half in the second colour. I have used an Italian pink shade and mixed some of it with white acrylic paint to obtain a lighter colour for a smooth transition. Using the fan brush to paint both colours on your nails will ensure a seamless application in one step. Repeat with a second coat when dry.
3. For the flowers, simply use black acrylic paint and a detailing brush and gently press the tip of the brush onto the nail to create flowers and different sized petals. Fill in any empty spaces with little dots. You can use a dotting tool for this step.
4. Add a centre to the flowers with a silver foil nail polish. I have used Orly Dazzle.
5. Paint the rest of the nails in a complimenting colour and leave to dry. Repeat with a second coat. I chose Essence Vampire's Love Trend Edition Nail Polish 03 True Love.
6. Seal everything with a glossy top coat. Don't forget to seal the edges for an even longer lasting manicure!

What do you think of this week's nail art? Upload pictures of your creations on my Facebook page if you try this nail art!

5 comments on "NOTW | Floral Degrade'"
  1. WOW..amazing! Love the colours and the design :)

  2. Gorgeous lara :)

  3. I like this, i try nail art every time but I just cant pull it offff...
    Nice blog you have.


  4. I thought it was stamping!! Such a pretty desing, wow!