Review | La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm

The weather conditions are ever changing during this time of year in Malta. It seems as if mother nature has switched to full on winter mode in a flash and that can have its toll on the more frequently exposed and sensitive areas of our body, namely our hands and face.
Luckily for us, La Roche-Posay have recently launched two new products to join their Cicaplast range which is all about isolating and repairing severely damaged parts of the skin. I have already reviewed Cicaplast Mains in this post here and today I will be sharing my thoughts on Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm, which as the name implies, is targeted for use on the lips and surrounding areas (mouth and nostrils).

We all know how sensitive lips can be to extreme weather changes as they are only covered by a very thin layer of skin and they do not have any sebaceous glands to keep them moisturised or melanin to protect them against sun exposure. Thereby, it is extremely important to keep our lips adequately protected and hydrated at all times.

Cicaplast Levres does that plus it soothes, protects and rebuilds the epidermis on chapped, cracked and irritated lips and surrounding areas. The product comes in a small carton box, typical of La Roche-Posay; white with the LRP logo and product information is printed in various languages on the box. The sample tube which I have holds 7.5mL of product and is made of a thick kind of plastic, again all white with the LRP logo printed on it.

The cap closes tightly over a slanted applicator tip (excellent for precise application) through which the product is squeezed out. The balm has a very thick consistency that melts smoothly to a protective, glossy film on the lips. It is clear and to me, it is very similar to petroleum jelly with regards texture.
Cicplast Levres is packed with beneficial ingredients targeted to care for the sensitive skin on the lips, amongst which are:
- 10% Shea Butter which provides fatty acids that are structurally close to the ones found naturally in our skin, hence it plays a key role in the product's hydrating and healing function. Moreover, it helps dry skin recover suppleness.

- 5% Panthenol which has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes synthesis of glycerol by keratinocytes (cells that produce keratin, a substance which helps skin regenerate and heal).
Furthermore, the balm is free from fragrance and parabens, therefore it is suitable for use on the most sensitive of skins and it can be used by children and adults alike.

Now for my personal experience while using this product. As you would expect, application is very easy thanks to the bevelled tip and you can actually control how much product comes out. You only need a little at a time as the balm spreads easily, hence the product will last you for a long time. The compact size makes it ideal to carry around when you're on the go and it will fit in the smallest of purses.
This product couldn't have arrived at a better time! The weather wrecked havoc with my lips even though I use a lip balm every single day all throughout; and to add insult to injury, I had a minor Herpes outbreak. Result? Even more severely dry lips thanks to the respective medicated treatment cream. Luckily I had Cicaplast Levres to my rescue and my lips felt better the moment I applied it and unlike other lip balms, it is absorbed into the skin to begin the repairing process but it takes time to be fully absorbed, say 2 - 3 hours. It took my lips 5 days to fully recover which is quite good if you ask me!

This product also makes for a very moisturising treat after exfoliating your lips and can also be worn under makeup for extra protection against drying formulas thanks to the beeswax component in the balm.
Cicaplast Levres is suitable for use by practically everyone, hence I would recommend this product to
even those with the most sensitive of skins. After trying it, I cannot help but wonder why it wasn't marketed before and how did I manage to go through all these winters without it?! Needless to say, I am very happy with this product and it has officially taken permanent residence in my cosmetics

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres is available from leading pharmacies across Malta & Gozo. For more information about their products and stockists, check out their Facebook page.

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