Review | Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment

In my October Favourites, I have included the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Oil Miracle and I have said that it gives me softer and more manageable hair. A product this good is worth a full review doesn't it?! So, here goes!
Back in August, I was invited to the Dean Gera Hair Care salon opening at The Point in Sliema and amongst other amazing goodies in our goodie bag, was this hair oil sample size by Schwarzkopf, one of the professional hair care brands available at the salon. I was sure I would never use it because I have very oily hair and putting in more oil wasn't going to help for sure...or so I thought. However, after reading Steph's review, I was convinced to give the product a go, after all it is just a sample and if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Fast forward to today and I still cannot fathom why on Earth did I think of not using it before! This product works wonders for my hair!

The sample comes in this cute little carton box while the actual product is supplied in this little glass bottle with a black cap that you unscrew to pour out the product. I like it when samples come in transparent packaging just as the full sized versions as it makes it easier to see how much you have left; also, 5mL is a good amount of product, considering this is a sample, since you only need a little of the product at a time.

The oil smells very nice and it is quite runny, making it easier to work into your hair. Speaking of application, all you have to do is just work a pea-sized amount into towel-dried hair, then blow-dry and style as usual. Result! Glossy hair that doesn't look or feel weighed down but looks healthy and soft!

For me, I find that it gives excellent results when I straighten my hair as the straightening iron glides on like a dream and the oil protects my hair from any possible damage. Moreover, there are two variations of this hair oil, the one I have, which is for fine to normal hair and then there is another one for the more coarse hair types, so there is one for everyone.

As for the irrational 'fear' I had about the oil making my hair greasier, I have to admit I was completely wrong and this is just a common misconception... my hair still turned greasy after two days which is my hair's normal 'time-span' and I always wash my hair every other day.

Thereby I would recommend this hair oil to anyone who wants to treat their hair to a healthy shine without weighing it down. If I am not mistaken, the full sized product retails for €15 and I think I will be buying it once I run out of the sample.

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