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In my most recent empties post, I have included the St.Ives Apricot Scrub which I liked at first but after a few months of use, it was breaking me out. Obviously, I stopped using it and switched to Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub to match my cleansers.

A good facial scrub is a must for me to keep my skin looking healthy and radiant and what's better than an organic based scrub? Here are my thoughts on Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub.
Packaging is typical of Michael Todd - lilac tube which has the company logo and product name on the front; product description, directions and ingredients on the back. Worth mentioning is the way the people at Michael Todd pack their orders and their timely delivery, both of which I am always positively impressed with.
The scrub is charcoal(!) grey in colour and instead of the usual 'rough' exfoliating component, you get softer jojoba wax beads. Both the jojoba wax and activated charcoal, effectively remove dead skin, toxin and impurities to reveal healthier looking skin. Since the beads are not that harsh, you are not left with micro-lacerations, hence, this scrub is suitable for the most sensitive of skins as well as acne-prone skin types. Activated Charcoal has been proven to be a very beneficial ingredient products targeted to combat acne as it penetrates deeply into the pores and draws out impurities and toxins. The scrub has a faint smell of charcoal but on the website it says that they have improved the scent.
To use this scrub, simply squeeze out an adequate amount onto fingertips and apply in circular motion on freshly cleansed skin. After rinsing it thoroughly, you can proceed with toner, serum, moisturiser as you normally would.
I like to use this scrub twice a week and usually I use this while I shower and leave it on for a few minutes to allow the ingredients some extra time to work.
I have been using this scrub for 2 months now and I have never had any breakouts due to it or any episodes of irritation or allergies. My skin feels smoother and looks much more radiant immediately after I rinse it off.
As a concluding remark, I would recommend this scrub to those with sensitive and acne-prone skin mostly but since this scrub is targeted for use by any skin type, I think it work well for anyone. Besides, your skin will thank you for using something that is 70% organic, gluten free and certified vegan.
Michael Todd Jojoba Facial Scrub retails for $18.50 for 100mL (excluding shipping) and is available from the Michael Todd website.

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  1. Michael Todd is really hit-and-miss for me. Some of the products are great, some are just okay, and there was one I really hated. Glad to hear this one works well!