Review | Pupa Milano 10th Anniversary New Chic Forever Lipstick 78 Dark Red

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Pupa Milano 10th Anniversary New Chic Forever Lipstick in a competition they had running on Facebook.

I collected the lipstick from the outlet of my choice and I have used it four or five times already so I am now able to give you a full review on it.

The New Chic Forever Lipstick was released to commemorate this best selling lipstick from the Italian makeup brand, a 'title' the lipstick has been holding for 10 years already! To celebrate such an achievement, Pupa Milano have created 10 limited edition shades ranging from soft pinks to darker reds.

The lipstick is presented in an reflective red box and the packaging is similar to their New Chic and New Chic Matt lipsticks with the exception that the outer case is red instead of silver. The packaging reflects Pupa Milano's attention to detail that makes their products so covetable and makes them look much more expensive than they actually are. Here I also have to say that I love the unique bullet shape that makes application of a red lipstick so easy and fool-proof.

It may be a little tricky to open the lipstick at first, but all you have to do is gently slide the silver part down and it all the usual stuff from there. You also get a small mirror on the inside of the red case, which reminds me of those lipstick holders we used to carry in our bags way back when :)

Since this was a competition prize, I didn't get to choose the shade but I am very pleased with the one I got, namely no.78 Dark Red. I love a good red lipstick and from Pupa I don't expect anything less and I wasn't disappointed.

The lipstick has a richly pigmented, creamy texture that glides smoothly and effortlessly on the lips for the ultimate red lip. I always recommend using a lip liner prior to applying a red lipstick though to prevent it from bleeding and fading. On my lips it lasts for an average of 2 - 3 hours which I think is good and it fades away evenly. My lips feel smooth and moisturized while wearing this lipstick so it doubles up as a nice, moisturizing treat as well!

Unfortunately, the New Chic Forever Lipsticks are not for sale locally (otherwise, I would have had to get the same shade for my Mum and a couple more to add to my collection - they would look so pretty on any makeup table!), but thanks to Pupa Milano in Malta I can still enjoy this beauty :)

Competition Prize

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  1. Such a pretty shade! The packaging is so unique, the mirror should be perfect for touch ups :)