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The Exit Interview Series | Volume #28

Contrary to last month, I have used up a good number of products over the past four weeks. I will start with skin care first as neither of the products need any introduction on this blog.
Lycia Makeup Remover Wipes continue to be my favourites when it comes to quick makeup removal and even after all this time, I still don't get irritations or breakouts from them and they are very effective at removing all traces of makeup in one go.
I have been keeping myself quite busy lately and I have to admit I can end up depriving myself of sleep sometimes. My skin shows signs of tiredness immediately and these collagen eye patches have come in very handy to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. I just pop them on for 30 minutes and I look as if I had 8 hours worth of sleep!
The last skin care product is La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat which is my all time favourite moisturiser for keeping excess sebum at bay!
Also from La Roche Posay, I have Lipikar Xerand Hand Repairing Cream which has been taking care of my hands while at work for quite some time. I have now replaced this with the brand's Cicaplast Mains which is more work friendly as it is more rapidly absorbed and it resists up to three hand washes. Nonetheless, Lipikar Xerand is still a good hand cream to try if you suffer from chilblains and dry skin on your hands.

One of my all time favourite products is this Acetone free nail polish remover from LIDL. I always stock up on it as it removes nail polish in no time, doesn't dry your nails and surrounding skin and the pump dispenser is ace especially when I am using brushes to clean up my cuticles and so on. A must have in my opinion and at such a cheap price!
Moving on to body care, I have The Body Shop's Brazil Nut Body Scrub which works wonders to keep my skin smooth and in tip top condition all year round. The Body Shop body scrubs are my ultimate favourites and I wouldn't change them with anything. I only alternate varieties every once in a while but I think I will stick to the Brazil Nut one for a while just because it smells delicious! Well, what's from The Body Shop that doesn't?

More body care products. I have used up yet another deodorant from Impulse. This one is quite girly with palpable floral notes and I loved using this for everyday because it is very subtle and will not have my colleagues sneezing as soon as I walk through the door :P
This month I have also used up Bioderma Atoderm Levres which is one of the best lip balms I have ever tried. I bought this while in Paris and I have frequently reverted to using it whenever my lips need a moisture surge. The only downside to it is that it leaves that whitish residue on the lips if you apply too much...not a good look. But otherwise it is an excellent lip balm.
As for makeup, I have used up yet another Essence Stay Natural Concealer as well as E.L.F. Eyelid Primer in Sheer. While I really like the eyelid primer for its action with prolonging eye shadow wear, I will refrain from buying it again because I have found another one which works even better. However, I would still recommend it if you are still experimenting with makeup.

And that concludes my January empties!

Review | The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in Shade 01

I'm sure all of you are well acquainted with BB Creams now and I for one, have tried a fair amount but I still wasn't totally convinced with them, primarily because they all have a grey undertone and most of the Japanese and Korean brands I have tried, all have a thick texture which resulted in a caked look most of the time so I gave up on them...
...until I learnt that The Body Shop have launched their own version that is actually a colour-adapting tinted cream. I added it to my Christmas wishlist and Mum and Dad included it in their gift :) They bought me Shade 01 which is suited for lighter skin tones and is the second shade out of the four available.
Packaging is very simple yet I think it still makes a statement with the reflective silver tube. The nozzle through which the product comes out is the perfect size in my opinion as the product is a little runny so take care when squeezing it out.
The BB Cream looks white at first glance but if you look closer, you will see tiny pigmented particles in it and these are what will make the cream adapt to your skin tone. The pigment rich capsules burst when applied to the skin to provide a light to medium coverage with an even finish. A little really does go a long way with this and most of the time, I apply it with my fingers the same way as I would a moisturiser.

It blends perfectly with my skin and I cannot really tell I am actually wearing makeup of my face. I do recommend setting it with a little translucent powder though as it tends to look rather shiny on its own. I love this product both for everyday and night use especially when my skin is on its best behaviour and I don't even need to apply concealer! I just apply a tiny amount of this BB Cream, set it and I'm good to go!

My skin falls in the combination category with oily being the predominant type while other areas tend to be quite sensitive. I find that the BB Cream lasts all day on me and I haven't experienced any breakouts or allergies.
Featuring this BB Cream in my December favourites after trying it for a few times in a span of a few days, is pretty self-explanatory! So, yes I definitely recommend you check it out!
The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is available for sale at all The Body Shop outlets in Malta & Gozo and retails at €13.50 for 25mL of product.

Sunshine Bloggers Award

Good afternoon everyone :) How is your Sunday progressing so far? Mine has been quite relaxed and I started the day with a walk near the sea. This has fast become my favourite therapy to help me relax and ease my mind and it makes me feel good too. So with iPod on, I am trying to start my days this way whenever possible.
Senglea from Vittoriosa yesterday morning
The sea relaxes me to an extent that mind thinks so much better and I get to reflect upon certain events that have taken place in my life recently. However, my mind always drifts to the same thing...the special people who have always been there for me as well as other who have made their way into my life unexpectedly and I am grateful for each and everyone of them. Family, friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers, I am thankful for each and everyone of you!
Earlier this week, the ever so beautiful Dorianne from Ask Dorianne has tagged me in her Sunshine Bloggers Award post. This award is given to bloggers who inspire others in a creative and positive way so thank you sweety for thinking my blog fits this bill :)
This is how it works:

1. Share 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you in the first place

3. Come up with 11 questions for those you intend to tag for the Sunshine Blogger Award

4. Tell those who inspire you that you’ve tagged them ;)
11 Facts
1. I have only recently got my driving licence at 24 years of age.
2. Lately, I have been enjoying wine whenever I dine out and my favourite is a White Zinfandel Rose' which tastes sweet at first but has a dry aftertaste.
3. I am addicted to chocolate yet I do not like chocolate flavoured ice-cream and cakes.
4. This is the first year that I haven't done any resolutions and I am making lifestyle changes as I go. So far it has proven to be more effective.
5. I have fast become a fan of scented candles and my favourites are anything related to the sea such as ocean breeze fragrances, fruity scents and anything vanilla based.
6. I am obsessed with having my skin in tip top condition and I always make sure to exfoliate at least twice a week and apply body lotion all over everyday.
7. I would like to own a cabin cruiser one day and spend the rest of my life living on it and travel the world one port at a time.
8. Paris is my favourite city in the world and I never get tired of visiting it. This year, however, I am looking forward to more adventurous travels.
9. Currently I am obsessed with the colour rose gold. I think it goes with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe and it has a more juvenile feel to it than yellow gold.
10. Orchids and roses are my favourite flowers and I love decorating with them in simple vases.
11. As much as I say I hate the colour black, my wardrobe is 40% black. I need to shop for brighter colours in winter :P Yes, I am a strong believer in the mantra that you help the economy when you shop...especially for shoes :D

Answers to Dorianne's questions

1. Name one thing which makes you smile.
Babies and little children make me smile no matter how low my mood is. The look on a child's face makes the world such a better place in its innocence.

2. What's one beauty trend that you just can't stand?
I can never say this enough; nude lips and dark lip liner.

3. Dogs or cats?
Definitely felines...of all shapes, sizes and colours. Oh and the bigger and fluffier the better!

4. Your best bargain so far?
This has to be my latest acquisition from Nine West. I have been looking for a nice comfy pair of pointy patent black heels since forever and last Friday I found one at Nine West at 60% off. I paid a mere €38 instead of €95 and they are a dream to walk and dance in!

5. Your favourite childhood movie?
This has to be Sleeping Beauty. Mum and Dad used to leave it on repeat as I never got tired of watching it and then in the evening I would dance with my Dad to Once Upon A Dream :)

6. Who's your favourite author? (you can only pick one)
Dan Brown. I have read all of his books and although they may seem they always revolve round the same theme, I find it fascinating how he manages to come up with certain plots. I also like his writing style.

7. Have you made any new year's resolutions for this year?
No but I am making lifestyle changes as I go.

8. What’s something you’ve done that, perhaps, changed your life to the better?
This sounds mean but breaking up with my long term boyfriend has proved to be an eye opener. He is a good guy and I cannot complain about him but there were certain things on both parts that we just couldn't work out. It has changed me to a better person and with the support of people who I hold dear, I have managed to go through the break up swiftly.

9. Which is the worse: too much perfume or body odour?
Body odour. I can't stand it! Ewwww.

10. If you could be any influential person for a day who would you be and why?
I believe anyone is influential in their own regard so I'd choose to be me any day. I am who I am because of the influences of other people on me and there's nothing more rewarding than someone thanking you for being a positive influence in their life.

11. Something you're craving for right now?
Sushi! I have only discovered it recently and now I crave it all the time. I have even learnt to eat with chopsticks!
My 11 Questions
1. What is your favourite way to unwind?
2. Did you make any new year's resolutions? Are you keeping up with them?
3. If you could do any other job in the world, what would you choose to do and why?
4. What's the longest you have gone without shopping?
5. Plain nails or nail art?
6. Who inspires you and why?
7. What's your favourite type of holiday? City break or countryside retreat?
8. Something or someone you cannot live without?
9. Which makeup item do you have the most of in your collection?
10. What's your favourite piece of clothing?
11. What’s something you’ve done that, perhaps, changed your life to the better?
And now, these are the bloggers I tag to do this post:


Review | Milani Baked Blush 03 Berry Amore

Last month was all about trying out new products for me and one such product is Milani Baked Blush in the shade 03 Berry Amore which I got from Ebay last November I believe.
This was my first ever Milani product and I bought it because I needed a nice baked blush and at the same time try out the brand. I love the appearance of baked makeup products especially when they have a marbled effect and this blush really is a something my eyes could feast on all day.
I'm not a fan of the packaging though as in my opinion it feels a little flimsy. Having said that, I do appreciate the compact format where you also get a mirror and a brush. I have never used the brush and probably never will but it feels soft and could do for on-the-go touch-ups.
Now for the blush itself. I would describe it as an old rose with light pink touches and rose-gold reflects. It looks very shimmery in the pan but the shimmer is not really visible once you apply the blush however I would advise you to steer clear of it if you hate shimmery blushes. The texture is very silky and it is not powdery at all.

Pigmentation-wise, I am very happy with this blush as it can be easily built up and it suits my skin tone perfectly. The shade is perfect for this time of year where I look for warmer pinks to warm up my pale complexion. Milani describe this bush as being suitable for shaping, contouring and highlighting the cheeks. I wouldn't use it as a contouring shade but it definitely shapes and highlights my cheeks to perfection.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this blush and it is definitely one of my favourites both for day and night use. I am really looking forward to try more products from Milani!

Anyone else tried this blush? What are your views? 

Review | E.L.F. Essential Glitter Primer

Glitter is a girl's best friend especially during party season but we all know it can be a little messy to apply and stay where it is meant to without ending up all over the place. The solution? A glitter primer of course!

In my last E.L.F. Cosmetics haul, I got a tube of their new Glitter Primer as party season was approaching and I knew I would definitely wear glitter eyeshadows. As expected, I have used this primer countless times during December and now I am able to share my thoughts with you.
So, packaging is quite plain and consists of a frosty plastic tube with a silver screw cap and it comes in a blister type of pack. The primer comes out of a small hole in the slant shaped tip of the tube and has a very thick consistency compared to the usual eye primers. Despite the thick consistency, the primer feels very light on the delicate eye area and it is also infused with Shea Butter and Jojoba to nourish the skin in this sensitive area of the face. Although the primer is white in colour, it dries to a transparent finish.
A little goes a long way with this product and I have to admit the consistency feels like a tacky glue while drying. It takes time to dry so you can easily pack on the glitter but once dry, everything will stay put! Worthy to note is the fact that the glitter eyeshadow will not crease.

Removal is pretty easy; all it takes is just a cotton disc soaked in waterproof makeup remover and that should do the trick. I haven't experienced any irritation in my eye area when using this product and I think it does an amazingly good job. In fact, I dare say it is a very good budget alternative to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue!
E.L.F. Glitter Primer retails for £2.50 from the E.L.F. Cosmetics website.

Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks 04 On The Catwalk & 07 Natural Beauty

Good morning lovelies :) The first product review of 2014 will be all about these two lipsticks from Essence Cosmetics' latest range, namely their Long Lasting Lipsticks. I bought these last November and have been playing around with them ever since. I even featured them in my December favourites but they deserve a more in-depth review.
Essence have introduced the Long Lasting Lipsticks range a few months ago to be part of their permanent line. Apart from the packaging, these lipsticks differ quite a lot from the other lipsticks Essence has previously marketed. To be honest I much favour this kind of  packaging as it looks more sophisticated, sturdy and expensive.

Black packaging as far as cosmetics are concerned, has sleek written all over it for me and the little coloured ring in the middle and the colour coded sticker on the bottom make it easier to pick up the colour you want, no matter the way you store your lipsticks. Another thing that belies these lipsticks' price tag, is the Essence logo embossed on the actual bullet. I actually think it lends them a high end feel.
The texture is very creamy for both shades that I own, namely 04 On The Catwalk and 07 Natural Beauty and it is what makes these lipsticks unique. More often than not, long lasting formulas tend to be very drying on the lips, these however, prove to be a moisturising treat throughout the duration of wear. On me, I find that shade 04 lasts longer, over 6 hours actually while shade 07 lasts a little less. Pigmentation wise, they each provide a very good colour payoff and glide easily on the lips.

I would describe shade 04 On The Catwalk as a dark claret red which would look good on any skin tone while 07 Natural Beauty is a pinkish nude and would suit pale skin tones better. Neither of these lipsticks carries a particular scent.

Top: 04 On The Catwalk
Bottom: 07 Natural Beauty
I would recommend this range of lipsticks to anyone basically as you are getting an amazing product at a ridiculous price!

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks are available from various pharmacies and outlets across Malta & Gozo and they retail at €2.30 each. For more information regarding stockists, please check out the Essence Cosmetics Malta Facebook page.

The Exit Interview Series | Volume #27

Over December I didn't use up much products mainly because I had a lot of new products to try out but more of that in my favourites post which will follow up soon :)
First up is Montagne Jeunesse Iced Crystal Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial which proved to be a treat in keeping my skin in tip top condition during party season. I love the refreshing feel of mint and ice on my skin plus the dead sea salt makes a very good exfoliant without feeling too harsh or abrasive on the skin. Definitely one of my fave facial treatments from the brand!
Next is a sample of Lierac Huile Sensorielle. I am adding this to my wishlist just because it smells so nice and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and lightly fragranced with 3 white flowers. It feels very silky and is rapidly absorbed by the skin for 24 hour worth of moisture. Definitely a must have from this luxury French skin care brand! On a side note, it can also be used on the face and hair but I cannot comment on that as I haven't used it that way.
The last products are Impulse Hint of Musk deodorant and a sample of Paco Rabanne's Black XS. I'm hooked up on this perfume these days. It is very feminine and has a sensual note to it... just the perfect scent to drift me to happier places instantly. I guess I will soon have to give in and buy the bigger version!

Monthly Favourites | December

The last post I had to catch up on is of course the December favourites. I had the opportunity to discover a lot of new products last month and consequently this will be a somewhat lengthy post.
First up I have this Easy Body Scrub by Guinot. I have had this for quite a while but I found myself reaching for it more over December. I love the loofah extracts in it and the gel texture which lathers up on wet skin, making the scrub easier to work into the skin. I love how smooth my skin feels after using this scrub and it is mild enough to be used everyday, which is practically what I was doing just because I love it so much!
Next are a ton of cosmetics! I will start with face products first. Mum and Dad gave me The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream as part of their Christmas present. I have used it straight away and I loved it from the first try! I am in shade 01 which is a perfect match for my skin and sometimes, I just put this on, no concealer or anything and I'm good to go!   

The next face products are the two blushes I have been using everyday ever since I got them. They are Milani Baked Blush 03 Berry Amore and Sleek Makeup Blush Antique. They are both wintery shades that although they may look scary against pale skin, I promise they are very buildable and give a nice warm glow to the cheeks with their berry tones which are very suitable for this time of year. They are both shimmery but neither of them translates to a very shimmery blush on the skin so they can be used for both day and night.
Moving on, I have some lip products to share. I have discovered a new range of favourite lipsticks that I am sure will be a hit with every budget queen. I am talking about Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks which are part of the latest additions to the brand's extensive makeup repertoire. I have two shades, both of which I have used multiple times since I got them. The first one is 04 On The Catwalk, a nice deep red that lasts ages. The second is 07 Natural Beauty which I have used more. What makes these lipsticks different is that they are very moisturising even though they are long lasting.

I have been favouring a neutral lip combination lately and my favourite products to use were Pupa Princess Limited Edition Shiny Lip Fluid 001 Princess Nude, Revlon ColorStay Lipliner Nude and the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick 07 Natural Beauty.
Lastly, it is time for eye products. Sleek Vintage Romance i-Divine palette has been my most used palette last month especially the shade Lust in LA. It has all the right shades to complement party outfits, has excellent pigmentation and stay power, what more could u want?
To keep glittery eyeshadows in place, E.L.F. Glitter Primer came to the rescue and it proved to be an excellent product to keep glitter eyeshadow from straying! Way to go E.L.F.!
Next are the finishing touches! You probably already know how much I love Pupa Vamp! Mascara in the shade 300. Well this time I had the opportunity to try the black version of this mascara and I love it! It is simply the best mascara ever! Also, from Pupa, is the Made To Last Eyes Long Lasting Automatic Eye Pencil, again in the shade 100 which is a deep black. I use this on the waterline and it lasts ages, definitely my favourite eye pencil!
The last favourite product is MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. This is seriously the best gel liner I have ever tried. I love how pigmented it is and it lasts all the time I am wearing it!
And that concludes my December favourites. What did you enjoy most during the last month of the year?

December Collective Haul

Continuing from the Christmas Gifts and Haul post, here is what I bought over December.

Starting with cosmetics, the NYX store in Sliema had a one day special offer of 20% off all purchases for 1 day only for users of the Vouchercloud mobile application and it couldn't have come at a better time as I almost ran out of their HD Foundation. I took the opportunity to also buy another one of their amazing quality lipsticks. I chose the shade Fusion which is a unique fuchsia purple. I ended up paying less than if I bought the foundation alone (I think with discount applied, I paid €18.88).

Moving on, my dear friend Marija from Pocalocca, went for a short trip to the UK and asked me if I wanted anything. She was kind enough to get me what I asked for, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. It is seriously the blackest and most durable gel eyeliner ever and it is worth every cent of the €20 I paid for it!


I managed to fit in a few nail polish purchases this month as well. First up, I bought two bottles of the Essence Gel Nails At Home Clear Gel Top Coat. I heard very good reviews about this range and I can confirm this is a must have top coat for every collection! They cost me €4 per bottle.
Next are two shades from Essie's Shearling Darling Winter 2013 Collection. I bought the shades Sable Collar which is a very particular shade and my favourite out of the two and Warm And Toasty Turtleneck (gosh that's a mouthful!). I paid a little over €6 per bottle.

Lastly, I have two beautiful accessories. I got this Accessorize bracelet as a Secret Santa gift for a colleague at work but I loved it so much I decided to get one for myself. It goes with anything and adds a dainty and sophisticated feel to any outfit. The statement necklace is from Suiteblanco and I only paid €11 for it as they had a special promotion going on.

That's it for the last collective haul of 2013! Looking forward to see what 2014 will bring my way :P

Christmas Haul and Gifts

Hello everyone :) Finally I have some time to blog again.  Hope you got to spend Christmas in a special way with your nearest and dearest :) I spent more than half the day at work as I was on day duty but my colleagues haven proven to be the best on days like these and they make it all tolerable :) Then in the evening I had Christmas dinner with my family and Johan. Sadly me and Johan broke up on the eve of New Year's Eve but I still wanted to show you all the gifts I got and catch up on blogging once again :)
So, we opened the presents on Christmas eve and all I can say is a huge thank you to everyone :D I love everything I got though the highlight would have to be the Coccinelle bag that Johan himself gave me. I'll leave you to the pictures of everything I received and what I treated myself to :)
First up are this pewter metal bracelet and ring from Mango which my brother got me. I love them as they lend and edge to any outfit and they go with a lot of clothes in my wardrobe. Next is The Body Shop Coconut Butter, an all time favourite which reminds me of summer and the All-In-One BB Cream which I have already tried and love. I'm in shade 01, the lightest available and it is a perfect match for me when my skin is on its best behaviour. 

Mum and Dad got me the cheesiest gift this year...three Yamamay undies which I had been eyeing for some time. I ended up getting the matching bra for the colourful one just because their underwear fits perfectly. How cute is the puppy one? :)

Moving on, my aunt got me this cosy midnight blue snood, something I have been looking for for some time now. Another gift I love is what I got from my Secret Santa at work is this beautiful organic cotton scarf in a very beautiful colour combination and a Belgian Chocolate soap.

And obviously I cannot skip the treats I bought for myself. I decided to go for some clothes from Mango this year. I love the store, they always have very cool stuff and I got to wear everything over the past month (except for the pants - they still have their tag on :P). The coat is my favourite piece and I even got it for a promotional price. The grey dress may look oversized but in reality it fits fantastically while the flowered one is more figure hugging and I love the leather details on the shoulders and around the neck.

That's it for Christmas gifts :) The last collective haul of 2013 is coming up shortly so stay on the look out for it!