Review | The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in Shade 01

I'm sure all of you are well acquainted with BB Creams now and I for one, have tried a fair amount but I still wasn't totally convinced with them, primarily because they all have a grey undertone and most of the Japanese and Korean brands I have tried, all have a thick texture which resulted in a caked look most of the time so I gave up on them...
...until I learnt that The Body Shop have launched their own version that is actually a colour-adapting tinted cream. I added it to my Christmas wishlist and Mum and Dad included it in their gift :) They bought me Shade 01 which is suited for lighter skin tones and is the second shade out of the four available.
Packaging is very simple yet I think it still makes a statement with the reflective silver tube. The nozzle through which the product comes out is the perfect size in my opinion as the product is a little runny so take care when squeezing it out.
The BB Cream looks white at first glance but if you look closer, you will see tiny pigmented particles in it and these are what will make the cream adapt to your skin tone. The pigment rich capsules burst when applied to the skin to provide a light to medium coverage with an even finish. A little really does go a long way with this and most of the time, I apply it with my fingers the same way as I would a moisturiser.

It blends perfectly with my skin and I cannot really tell I am actually wearing makeup of my face. I do recommend setting it with a little translucent powder though as it tends to look rather shiny on its own. I love this product both for everyday and night use especially when my skin is on its best behaviour and I don't even need to apply concealer! I just apply a tiny amount of this BB Cream, set it and I'm good to go!

My skin falls in the combination category with oily being the predominant type while other areas tend to be quite sensitive. I find that the BB Cream lasts all day on me and I haven't experienced any breakouts or allergies.
Featuring this BB Cream in my December favourites after trying it for a few times in a span of a few days, is pretty self-explanatory! So, yes I definitely recommend you check it out!
The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is available for sale at all The Body Shop outlets in Malta & Gozo and retails at €13.50 for 25mL of product.

3 comments on "Review | The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in Shade 01"
  1. Anonymous21/1/14 14:28

    I havent been convinced with the BB's ive tried either, this looks amazing, it's like the lauder daywear tinted same colour burst tech. I will need to check it out thanks for sharing! Steph x

  2. I too find the asian BB creams a little grey toned. I've not tried any western ones though myself.

  3. Maybe I chose the wrong shade (2) but this BB didn't fit me at all, too orang-y and too light coverage for me. The Body Shop came up with another BB as well, it's with vitamin E and comes in a cute pink tube. This one has a more neutral-tone, still light coverage though.