Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks 04 On The Catwalk & 07 Natural Beauty

Good morning lovelies :) The first product review of 2014 will be all about these two lipsticks from Essence Cosmetics' latest range, namely their Long Lasting Lipsticks. I bought these last November and have been playing around with them ever since. I even featured them in my December favourites but they deserve a more in-depth review.
Essence have introduced the Long Lasting Lipsticks range a few months ago to be part of their permanent line. Apart from the packaging, these lipsticks differ quite a lot from the other lipsticks Essence has previously marketed. To be honest I much favour this kind of  packaging as it looks more sophisticated, sturdy and expensive.

Black packaging as far as cosmetics are concerned, has sleek written all over it for me and the little coloured ring in the middle and the colour coded sticker on the bottom make it easier to pick up the colour you want, no matter the way you store your lipsticks. Another thing that belies these lipsticks' price tag, is the Essence logo embossed on the actual bullet. I actually think it lends them a high end feel.
The texture is very creamy for both shades that I own, namely 04 On The Catwalk and 07 Natural Beauty and it is what makes these lipsticks unique. More often than not, long lasting formulas tend to be very drying on the lips, these however, prove to be a moisturising treat throughout the duration of wear. On me, I find that shade 04 lasts longer, over 6 hours actually while shade 07 lasts a little less. Pigmentation wise, they each provide a very good colour payoff and glide easily on the lips.

I would describe shade 04 On The Catwalk as a dark claret red which would look good on any skin tone while 07 Natural Beauty is a pinkish nude and would suit pale skin tones better. Neither of these lipsticks carries a particular scent.

Top: 04 On The Catwalk
Bottom: 07 Natural Beauty
I would recommend this range of lipsticks to anyone basically as you are getting an amazing product at a ridiculous price!

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks are available from various pharmacies and outlets across Malta & Gozo and they retail at €2.30 each. For more information regarding stockists, please check out the Essence Cosmetics Malta Facebook page.

2 comments on "Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks 04 On The Catwalk & 07 Natural Beauty"
  1. I went to pick these up at lunch time and they were the only two sold out!! I picked up some others to try though, couldn't not for 2.30!


  2. I have On The Catwalk and Wear Berries and I love them, they are my every day lipsticks! They are moisturising while pigmented and they are so cheap, what's not to love about them?