Review | Pupa Milano Made To Last Eyes Long Lasting Automatic Eye Pencil Waterproof #100 Black

I'm back with a Pupa Milano review and please allow me to warn you it is going to be a rave review! So last December, I attended a bloggers' event where after oohing and ahhing over all the pretty makeup, we were presented with a goodie bag and among the products was a generous tester version of the Made To Last Eyes Long Lasting Automatic Eye Pencil Waterproof in the shade 100 Black.
I had already tried Pupa Milano's Multiplay Eye Pencil in the past and it is still one of my most reached for eye pencils. However, I was still very intrigued to try the Made To Last one just to see if it really lives up to its name. Well, I wasn't disappointed the least bit! Here are my thoughts on the performance of the product.

Starting with packaging, you know you're in for a nice little treat with Pupa Milano's attention to detail where they have cleverly incorporated a small sharpener and a smudger at one end of the pencil. I like that the product twists all the way down as it annoys me when you get these kind of products and the very tip sort of 'over-spills' and you get to chip it with the cap. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Pupa Milano Made To Last Eyes.
Another point to note on the packaging, are the caps. First of all they close tightly and I like that especially if you carry the eye pencil in your bag, the caps will not get all over the place and secondly, I like how they made them different with the one on the smudger end being transparent. I get annoyed with double sided eyeliners that have identical caps and I always open the wrong side so kudos to Pupa Milano for sparing me of unnecessary annoyance!
Now a word about the actual product. First of all, it is very creamy and glides easily even on the waterline which is where I use it most and the pigmentation is awesome! The small tip makes for precise application and definition.
As for longevity, on me, it lasts for a good number of hours and most of the time, I don't even have to re-touch it. As I said earlier, I like to use it on the waterline mostly and seeing how long it holds, I can confirm it is waterproof. The picture below was taken after wearing the product for 5 hours and it still looks intact!

I highly recommend this eyeliner and with 12 intense shades to choose from, you're sure to find one that complements your eyes best!  
Pupa Milano Made To Last Eyes is available for sale from authorised stockists across Malta & Gozo. For more information, please check out the Pupa Milano in Malta Facebook page.
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  1. I love Pupa products too. Thanks for the review :)