Review | Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup 010 Light Beige

Recently I found myself experimenting more with foundation even on a daily basis especially on days when my skin needs some perking up. My latest obsession in this regard has been the new foundation from Catrice, the All Matt Plus Makeup in the shade 010 Light Beige.
I came to know about this foundation during last month's new products' launch event and it had me at the words 'shine control'. Having oily skin can be a nightmare when it comes to finding the right foundation so I am always open to new and different options. Read on to see what my opinion about this new foundation is.
The packaging speaks volumes. It gives the illusion of a more expensive product and the satin finish on the glass part suggests the same finish on your skin. The foundation comes with a handy pump dispenser which enables control on the amount of product that comes out. For me, one pump is enough to cover my whole face and bring the foundation down to my neck. The formula blends seamlessly with my skin and does not oxidise on me.

The texture, albeit on the thick side, is easy to work with and doesn't take long to dry. It has medium to high coverage and my skin doesn't feel dry while wearing this foundation. Being oil-free, it helps prevent makeup meltdown due to sebum being produced by the skin itself and the long-wearing formula is great to take you from day to night.
Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation 010 Light Beige
{left - unblended; right - blended}
 One thing to note is that the foundation doesn't look cakey and feels very light on the skin all throughout the time of wear and I never found the need to re-touch it with powder or anything. I didn't get any breakouts from using this product either so it's all good!
Would I recommend this foundation? Definitely yes! Especially to people with oily skin who need a good foundation that stays matt all day. The only con I can think of with this foundation is that the choice of shades is only limited to 4 tonalities.
Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation can be found in authorised stockists across Malta & Gozo. For more information, like the Catrice Malta Facebook page.

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2 comments on "Review | Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup 010 Light Beige"
  1. Good coverage and matt for many hours? I definitely need this!! Thanks for the great review doll :D

    1. All day practically :D it is a wonder product!