Review | E.L.F. Glitter Mascara in Gold & Silver

E.L.F. Cosmetics have recently introduced Glitter Mascara as part of their Essential line and I bought the Silver and Gold variations to use during the past holiday season to add a little bit of glitz to my makeup looks.
While I may be a bit late in posting this, read on to see what I think about these mascaras; and besides, who says glitter has to be left just for party season?!
The packaging didn't impress me much to be honest but I do like the transparent part and the innovative applicator.
The applicator grooves fit the lashes nicely and I found it very practical to apply the glitter mascara on top of a regular one with this kind of applicator. You do however, need multiple coats for the glitter to show up. That said, I like the fact that the glitter is evenly distributed and the intensity can be built up according to taste. Unfortunately I could not get the glitter mascara to show up on camera so I took hand swatches instead.
Both of these glitter mascaras lasted until I took them off and I didn't experience any irritation whatsoever near my eyes while using them. You best bet to remove the mascara effectively without having glitter all over your face is to use a cotton disc soaked in waterproof makeup remover and leave it on your eyes for a few seconds before gently swiping it away from your face.
E.L.F. Glitter Mascara retails for €3.04 from the E.L.F. Cosmetics website.

2 comments on "Review | E.L.F. Glitter Mascara in Gold & Silver"
  1. I've never seen a wand like that before!

  2. I had a glitter mascara from Oriflame once and it had the same applicator. I remember I quite like it so thanks for the recommendation, I'm gonna try this one!