The Exit Interview Series | Volume #30

March is also on its way out and with it, the following products...
Skin care goes first with the only non-repurchase being the Fresh & Clean makeup remover wipes. I still have another pack of these to go through and I have resorted to using them to clean swatches from my hands rather than to remove makeup because they tend to make my eyes burn and my skin feels very taut after using them. The rest of the products, I have already bought backups for and I believe you all know how much I love using them by now.

Moving on, I have some random products, all of which have made the cut to be repurchased time and time again. First up, Nivea Invisible deodorant which apart from smelling good all day, doesn't stain clothes or leave any white marks on my skin. The travel size is great to keep in your bag or weekend getaways too. Staying on a fragrance theme, I have used up a sample of Mexx Magnetic which is one of my favourite perfumes from the brand. I find perfume samples handy to keep in my bag for touch-ups and they are a good way to try out perfumes before actually buying full sizes of them.
The Rimmel Cuticle Scrub is indispensable in my manicure routine. It keeps cuticles neat, clean and supple and it also has a nourishing element. The other exfoliant is the E.L.F. Studio Lip Exfoliator which is always out of stock whenever I want to order (I always order more than one in fact). It is my favourite lip scrub primarily because of the lipstick format. The sweet vanilla sugar smell and taste are an added bonus and it does a very good job at keeping my lips smooth and polished! 

Lastly, I have some makeup items. First up is the Pupa Milano Vamp! mascara in the shade 300 Deep Night. I really love this mascara and consequently I bought a backup immediately after I finished it. I love the blue hue and how lush my lashes look with it.
Next, I have two clear lipglosses which I have struggled to use up because I hated how they sticky they feel. In fact, I gave up on using the Rimmel one entirely. No repurchase for any for these, sorry!
Lastly, the E.L.F. Studio Complexion Perfection (rebranded as Tone Correcting Powder) is another product which I didn't finish completely and will not be repurchasing. When I first got this, I used to really like it but after trying different powders, I stopped using it. I reverted back to it a few weeks ago but I noticed my skin looked way too pale whenever I had this on so I just threw it in the empties rack, knowing real well I will not be reaching for it again.

Which products have you used up this month?

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  1. I used to love Complexion Perfection, I got the new one but haven't used it yet, maybe I'll save it for next winter if it's too pale. Throwing away stuff you won't use always feels nice :)