The Exit Interview Series | Volume #31

Earlier this month, I had a look through the samples I have accumulated and started using some of them. Consequently, I will be sharing quite a few new discoveries in mini sample format :) I will start with skin care first.

The Montagne Jeunesse face mask is a common appearance so I will not spend a lot of time on it. This particular one is one of my favourites which I repurchase from time to time.
So, new products...I have recently been introduced to Planter's, an Italian natural cosmetics brand and I have used up the two Mattifying 24 Hours Moisturiser samples sent to me with their Natural & Young Repairing Cream. My skin didn't flare up when I used this moisturiser but I have to admit it does feel richer compared to the moisturiser I am used to so I would totally recommend this for the winter months. Even though it has a thick texture however, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple all day. My skin kept looking matte throughout so that is definitely another plus!

Next is a Bottega Verde Apricot Scrub Mask. I only had enough to use this once but I can say I loved texture of the scrub and since it doubles up as a mask, it offers better value for money. My skin was left radiant and smooth after just one use and since it is mostly made up of organic ingredients, your skin will thank you for it. The only downside is that due to their organic nature, Bottega Verde products can come in quite expensive.
The last skin care product for this month is the Eubos Liquid Washing Emulsion which I use at work mostly. The size of the product makes it convenient to carry out and since my skin seems to tolerate it, I tend to take samples of it with me on weekend getaways and the likes rather than the bulkier Michael Todd cleansers.
Speaking of Michael Todd, I have tried a sample sized version of their Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash which was thrown in with my last order. I loved the scent of it and it lathers up nicely I might add it to my next order actually.
I have also used up Essence Like A First Day In Spring small perfume. Back when I first bought this perfume, it used to give me bad hay fever attacks. I guess it was all down to weather changes because it didn't seem to do anymore when I gave it a second shot. It smells nice so I might buy it again.
Moving on to hair products, I have L'Oreal Elnett Satin hair spray which is now a common occurrence in these posts cos I go though them like crazy. Another L'Oreal product is this sample Elvive shampoo that claims to have keratin extracts to smooth down fly-aways. My hair felt and looked smooth after I washed it with this shampoo but a long term use would give better judgement.

Lastly, I have two nail products which I buy over and over again just because they do what they claim to. Orly Nailtrition is seriously the best nail hardener I have ever used and the nail polish remover has this handy pump dispenser which makes it very easy to use even for clean ups. 

3 comments on "The Exit Interview Series | Volume #31"
  1. I need to try Nailtrition! I'm currently using Orly Calcium Shield and I really like it :)

  2. I really want to try the elvive shampoo cause i have been having some frizzness lately !

  3. I always read your exit interviews! - so helpful!