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From my lack of NOTW posts, you can tell that I didn't have much time to do nail art lately so when Born Pretty Store asked me to choose some nail water decals to try, I jumped at the chance!
They have a variety of nail water decals that are very easy to apply and they come in a wide range of designs. I chose set number Y161 and it comes with arabesque, leaves and lines motifs in black and white. The decals are supplied on one small sheet.

I decided to have a go with the black arabesque design to see how they perform and how long they last. To show you how easy they are to apply, I have prepared a little tutorial with pictures though instructions are included on the back of packaging.
1. Apply nail polish as usual and leave to dry thoroughly.
2. Cut the decal to the size you want it and peel off the protective film.
3. Float in a bowl of water for 20 seconds and lift off the backing with a pair of tweezers.
4. Gently lower the decal on the nail and press gently with a tissue to blot away excess water and prevent formation of air bubbles.
5. Apply top coat to seal in the decal.


On me, the decals have lasted over a week...even when the nail polish started to wear away, they were left intact! Regular nail polish remover is enough to take away the decals.

I definitely recommend you trying these out for effortless nail art and at just $1.86 per sheet, they are a great bargain find! The small half pearls are also from Born Pretty Store and you can find them here. *Get 10% off when quoting the code EBABK31 at checkout*

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  1. They are so much better than regular nail stickers! I'll definitely buy more designs including this one!