The Exit Interview Series | Volume #32

This month I have been back on a roll with using up products and I also have a couple of products which I have given up all hopes that I will use them again so instead of them occupying space, I decided to wave goodbye and make some much needed room.
So, first up are two powder products which I used to like but they seem to have grown on me and I haven't reached for them in a long time. E.L.F. Mineral Blemish Powder used to double up as a concealer just because my skin is quite pale but nowadays I tend to stick to just one concealer and that also means less products on my face.
As for Rimmel London Lasting Finish Minerals Loose Powder Foundation, this seems to have oxidised and it doesn't match my skin tone anymore so it's no use keeping it.

The next product to have the same fate is E.L.F. Brightening Eyeliner Black. While it has very good pigmentation, staying power is horrible and smudges like crazy. I tried giving it a lot of chances but it just won't stay put and after trying other much better alternatives, I couldn't help not to chuck it out.
Up next, I have used up two of my favourite waterproof mascaras, Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara and Catrice Lashes To Kill Volume Mascara. I'm torn between the two to see which one I should repurchase once I run out of the other waterproof mascara I am currently using but I think I will go for the Essence one because I like the brush better.
Moving on to nails, I have used up Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover which I have repurchased a backup for long ago. I really love this product and my clients do to. It gives better results and gets rid of dry and excess cuticles in no time! Highly recommended! I have also used up Essence Quick Dry Top Coat. I used to hate this because it took ages to dry so I only used it when the base colour was completely dry and there it worked wonders. I also liked to use this to adhere rhinestones to the nails and they stayed put for as long as I wanted them to. Still not sure if I would repurchase though.
Trying perfume samples is the best way to determine if you like a perfume or not before parting with your cash because let's face it, perfumes can be expensive. This month I have used up two samples of Shakira Elixir and Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle. While I liked the latter, I have found Elixir to be more of a spicy scent which is not really my kind of scent.
Moving to skin care, I have used up my Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser and while it is a very good cleanser, I have switched to the gentler formula of they Honey & Oat Cleanser. Nonetheless, I do recommend this cleanser for oily/acne skin types. Another cleanser I have used up is the Mary Cohr Perfect Gel Cleanser (sample). Although I liked the texture of this, I didn't really like the scent so I'm sticking with my current cleansers.
I have also gone through a pack of Fresh & Clean makeup remover wipes. I have limited the use of these to clean up swatches and foundation from my hands while applying makeup rather than to take off my makeup at the end of the day because they made my eyes sting so no repurchase there.
La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres has been a good friend to my lips this winter and I will definitely repurchase it. It provides a moisturising, protective barrier for the lips to combat signs of dryness and chapped skin effectively. 
So, more samples. This time I have Angel Hair Care Water Depth Spa Shampoo which has proved to be a very good shampoo to rehydrate my hair and give it a nice shine; I also have this Gehwol Leg Balm which in my opinion is a leg saviour especially if like me, you spend a lot of time on your legs at work. It's a real treat that I highly recommend.
Lastly, I have a Coconut Body Scrub from The Body Shop. This is hands down my favourite from all the range and I have repurchased this countless times already. Definitely the best body scrubs I have ever tried! 

Phew that was one long post! Any products you have used up and would like to share your thoughts on them?

4 comments on "The Exit Interview Series | Volume #32"
  1. I really like the essence mascara too ! The wand is so big :)

  2. I am looking for a good cuticle remover. I saw the Sally Hansen one in store the other day but, as a beauty blogger I had to do some search before buyng it :D No more search needed, I trust you 100%, thanks for the recommendation! <3

    1. Now that comment made my day! Thank you Natalie :)

  3. I really like the Sally Hansen remover too. Looks like you've been finishing lots of products :D