Event | Lierac Paris Sunific Suncare Launch

Yesterday evening saw me getting ready for a rather chic do at Settimo Cielo at the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel in St.Julian's.
The event was all about Lierac Paris Sunific Suncare range and the choice of hosting venue couldn't have been better - a seventh heaven indeed with breath-taking views of the sea all around; the place fit the summer theme nicely.
The view from the roof-top Settimo Cielo
Amongst the appropriately decorated tables, we were greeted with a glass of Aperol and I personally got the meet the lovely Dr. Raina Zarb Adami, who later delivered a very well informed and detailed presentation on skin ageing and the Lierac Paris products themselves.

Everyone could tell that Dr. Zarb Adami is very passionate about her work as an Aesthetic Surgeon and I really appreciate when someone actually targets a problem at the core. Working with Lierac Paris products herself and prescribing them to her patients who visit her Aesthetic Virtue clinic in London, makes her the ideal candidate to deliver the presentation.
Dr. Raina Zarb Adami delivering the presentation
Speaking from a scientific point of view, I appreciate all the research and scientific background that go through formulating the best possible products and honestly, I don't expect anything less from a brand which is at the forefront of targeting the correction of skin ageing.
Sunific offers a full range of sun protection creams bearing the best in Lierac technologies. In fact, the company has a patented UVA/UVB protection and offers triple protection to the skin against wrinkles, slackening and brown spots, all combined with moisturising and tan activating ingredients.
Two gorgeous models were going around us guests with the actual products so we could sample them and one couldn't help but to notice the effortless melt-in textures and summery scents they carry! Sunific also caters for after-sun care to further help protect the skin and prolong a tan. 
After the presentation, we chatted the night away over more delicious finger food, canapés and drinks. A big thanks goes to PharmaMT for inviting us to be part of it all!
Lierac Paris is distributed in Malta by PharmaMT. More information can be found on the Lierac Malta Facebook page.

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  1. It seems you had such a lovely evening! :)