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It's 6:45, my off day -  I wouldn't normally be awake at this hour on such a day...unless I have something exciting coming up that is! As it happens, I have quite a busy day today but what I am really excited about is what happened yesterday at the Ta' Xbiex Perfumery premises.
image courtesy of Polaar Malta Facebook page

I was invited to this event and being all about a French skin care brand, I was quite excited about it - in fact, I was there 45 minutes early but since we actually experienced a mild thunderstorm (yeah mid-June in Malta), I waited for time to pass in my car.
Upon actually reaching the premises, I was greeted by a trio of lovely ladies, Monika, Charisse and Veronique and we chatted for a few minutes over a glass of water and some tasty nibbles while waiting for the others to arrive.

One look around was all it took for me to feel like I have stepped into a time machine and transported back some 12 years ago to Chemistry class - there were beakers, pipettes and spatulas and a whole array of ingredients for us to have fun with later on. The fresh, modern surroundings and cute penguin statues contribute a very palpable polar feel which is exactly what Polaar is all about. 
When all invitees arrived we took a seat and Charisse, who is the Polaar brand manager, gave us an overview of the brand and its objectives in a very well informed presentation. I was pleased to be introduced to a brand that is eco-conscious and has an actual scientific background to it (I personally always love such skin care brands). 
Polaar was founded in 2006 by Mr. Daniel Kurbiel and Ms. Karine Roche. It all started way back when Mr. Kurbiel, the son of two polar explorers embarked on a scientific mission himself. It was here that he became aware of the extremely harsh conditions the flora of the Arctic and Antarctic circles have to face everyday, yet they still survive beautifully.
The brand's tag-line 'What if the secret to your beauty was hidden beyond the polar circle?' sums this up perfectly. In fact, all the products in Polaar's extensive range contain active ingredients from polar plants which are renowned to have the highest concentrations of the purest, natural antioxidants. All products are free from parabens, alcohol and mineral oil.
Polaar is actually the pioneer in scientific polar skincare research and the brand follows an environmentally ethical charter when manufacturing its products (all processes are carried out in France). Moreover, the brand really stays true to its roots - from the simple white packaging to the brand logo. The two 'a's in Polaar stand for Arctic and Antarctic and the dot on the first 'a' is a tribute to Inuit language.
Back to the event, the presentation flowed to the Ice Pure range which consists of three products, a micellar water, a gel cleanser and a gentle scrub, all of which contain Arctic cotton extracts which is a very moisturising, remineralising and soothing ingredient.
The next part of the event saw us actually creating a personalised scrub based on the formula of the Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Gentle Scrub. We were guided step-by-step into the process and I can say that we really had fun mixing ingredients and watching our little creations take shape. Charisse was kind enough to help us choose the best ingredients depending on our skin types and we could create either a face or body scrub. I decided to go for a facial scrub. 


When we were done, we continued chatting the night away and delicious, healthy food was still being served along with cocktails and soft drinks. We could also test the products on display and what intrigued me the most is the Polaar Sun range especially the dry body oil and the after sun cream, both of which support the skin's tanning ability and actually help maintain a tan.

At the end of the night, we were each given a very generous goodie bag and I was pleased to find the actual Ice Pure scrub because I really liked its gentle texture. The management was also kind enough to put in a couple of men's products too. Here I would like to point out that Polaar carries an extensive range of some 13 products that cater specifically for the needs of male skin.

To conclude a very lengthy post, I would like to thank the Ta' Xbiex Perfumery staff for inviting us to this truly unique and fun event and let us experience the beauty of the polar circle first-hand! For more information about Polaar skin care, you can check out their website or Facebook page to find out which of the 30 outlets stocking the brand is closer to you.

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