Review | The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub

In last month's favourites, I have included this body scrub by The Body Shop. Most of you know I swear by their Coconut scrub which is my all time favourite but I decided to give this one a go in one of my last trips to their newly opened shop in Paola.

Packaging is the same as for all other scrubs by the eco-conscious brand and I quite like it in all its simplicity. The jelly-like consistency is what reeled me in and when I opened the tester to take a whiff, I was transported to a candy shop thanks to the scrub's sweet smell.
The Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub is obviously mostly composed of the fruit's extract and the seeds are the main exfoliating ingredient. Although it is pink in colour, it does not stain the skin and since it is much less abrasive than some of the other varieties, I would recommend this for people with not so dry skin types and those with more sensitive skin.
I use the scrub twice weekly and like the other Body Shop scrubs I have tried, this one leaves my skin soft, smooth and radiant and the raspberry scent lingers on for quite some time without being overpowering.
As a concluding remark, I will definitely add this scrub to my list of favourites from The Body Shop and will gladly repurchase!
The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub is available from all The Body Shop outlets across Malta & Gozo and retails for €12.50 for 200ml.

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