Review | Catrice Made To Stay 8H Smoothing Lip Polish 050 Megan Fuchsia

Come summer I tend to switch everything to bright it clothes, nail polish or makeup. And what better way to make a statement than with a bold lip colour?

However, more often than not, carrying a lipstick when out and about in the Maltese summer sun is somewhat of a risk as it might melt so I'd rather go for a richly pigmented lipgloss instead, which I am pleased to say are now a common occurrence for most cosmetic brands.

Today, I will be reviewing such a product from Catrice Cosmetics - the Made To Stay 8H Smoothing Lip Polish in the shade 050 Megan Fuchsia.

The 8H Smoothing Lip Polishes were launched locally last February along with an array of other products but these were one of the most exciting additions to the vast range of lip products the brand offers.

Packaging is striking in its simplicity and I like the concept of having a 'swatch' of the actual colour on the tube itself. The lip polish has a doe-foot type applicator with a pointy end which I quite favour because it enables precise application at the cupid's bow of your lips.

Pigmentation and texture are insane - with just one application, you get the intense colouration of a lipstick, only glossier and I dare say more moisturising. The name fits this product perfectly in my opinion as I feel it is like a shiny nail polish, only it is for the lips! The shade 050 Megan Fuchsia is a deep Italian pink.
So as you can tell, I had very high expectations for this product and I am very sorry to say that it disappointed me a little on the first try. It didn't last the whole of eight hours as the brand claims and it faded in an ugly way - I was left with a bare centre and stained lip borders.
However, seeing I like the colour so much, I didn't want to give up on this. The next time, I wore it with a lip balm underneath and that seemed to do the trick. My lips retained a uniform stain after a few hours of wear but again, I think the claim that it lasts for 8 hours is a bit far-fetched.
That said, I would still recommend this product if anything for the innovative formula that combines the benefits of a lipstick, lip stain and lip gloss in one!
Catrice Cosmetics are available from various pharmacies and outlets across the Maltese Islands. For more information, 'like' the Catrice Malta Facebook page.

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  1. I recently got 060 Mission PINKpossible (love the name LOL!) as a gift and I have to say it really lasts for more that 6 hours and it leaves a stain afterwards. I swatched all shades in store and I think 060 was the most pigmented so you might wanna check it out :D