Review | Chanel Les 4 Ombres 208 Tisse Gabrielle

Chanel - the fashion house that symbolises the epitome of French elegance. You can imagine my delight when a friend of mine gifted me this eyeshadow quad before it was even released locally! This is my first eyeshadow quad from Chanel and it is one of my most treasured palettes. Not only because it is Chanel and feels luxurious but also because of the colours in it.
Speaking of luxury, the packaging is somewhat of a gem in itself - the palette itself is a small black plastic box with the Chanel logo embossed on the front and it houses four beautifully unique shades and two small eyeshadow sponge applicators bearing the Chanel logo. It also comprises a good sized mirror and the eyeshadows are protected with a plastic cover, again with the Chanel logo embossed right in the middle.
The palette comes in a soft, black velvet pouch, signed Chanel as well as a small booklet with four different looks that the brand proposes with the palette. All is packed nicely in a black box with a golden band on the front. If that is not luxury, I don't know what is!
The colours in the palette all have excellent pigmentation but the use of a primer is recommended to help the makeup last longer without fading. I would describe the shades as:
- dark taupe with a metallic finish
- dark mauve with a metallic finish
- matte charcoal grey
- metallic off-white

I have used this palette multiple times and I have always been positively impressed with the quality of all four shades. The only downside is that you have to use a primer because otherwise, the colours will eventually fade away a little.
I don't know the price of this palette but obviously, being high-end it will be on the expensive side. Nonetheless it still makes a special little treat for a dear one or yourself!

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  1. i wanted to pick up one of these new reformulations and ended up with Tisee Vendome. this one looked too cool toned and i knew i wouldn't wear it often enough to justify the expenditure.
    A Beautiful Zen