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What can kill summer heat and keep skin hydrated with a fresh feeling? Polaar Ice Pure and Ice Source Skin Care of course!
I was introduced to French skin care brand Polaar last month during a fun event at the brand's local representatives' (Ta' Xbiex Perfumery) premises. You can read all about what went down and made the event a unique one here.
Polaar is all about selecting the best natural ingredients from the Arctic and Antarctic flora to deliver the best possible skin care in an ethical manner. The principle is simple but in my opinion makes a lot of sense - the flora that lives in the harsh conditions of the north and south poles has adapted itself to survive such environments successfully, hence, they are very good candidates for the answer to beautifying skin care.
At the end of the event, all attendees were each given a very generous goodie bag that mostly contained products from the Ice Pure range, the latest line by Polaar, which was the main attraction on the evening. I couldn't resist keeping the products for when I finish my current skin care products and I used them straight away when I got home that day! I liked them so much that I decided to treat my skin to them on weekends to make them last while at the same time use up the other products so I can fully switch to Polaar - it's good to switch brands every once in a while as your skin tends to get used to certain products.
Today I will be reviewing the Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Micellar Water, Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Gentle Scrub and Ice Source Moisturising Gel. The other product shown in the picture is the Icy Magic eye roll-on which I will review in a separate post.
As you can tell, the packaging is very minimal and clean - truly reminiscent of the origin of the main ingredients of the products. To be honest, I like it when skin care products have minimal use of flashy colours and such as I think it conveys the image of a clean and as pure as possible product. In fact, all Polaar products are free from parabens, mineral oils and alcohol.
Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Micellar Water
The first product I will be reviewing is in actual fact the Micellar Water, one of three products comprising the Ice Pure range (there's also a scrub which I shall be reviewing next and a cleanser which I don't have). The products in the Ice Pure range are dubbed as pre-treatment skin care products designed to prepare the skin for application of further treatments.
I have a very generous 50ml sample format right now but the actual product comes in a 150ml format with a handy pump dispenser that you just put a cotton disc on and gently press downward to get the product out - very practical don't you think!
The product is basically a fresh, lightly scented micellar water that also incorporates a toner. It is designed to be used on the face, eyes and lips to remove makeup and excess sebum without drying out the skin. In fact, my skin doesn't feel taut after using this and it removes all traces of makeup effectively without unnecessary tugging at delicate areas such as the eyes. In the case of waterproof mascara, however, you will need to use a makeup remover to effectively take off any remaining product. It is recommended not to rinse the product off but instead, lightly dry your skin on a towel.
The active ingredient in the Ice Pure range is Arctic Cotton which makes the line especially suitable for the most sensitive of skins. It also nourishes the skin cells and provides adequate hydration. The Ice Pure Micellar Water also exhibits detoxifying and soothing properties on your skin.
For more information on the mode of action of micellar waters, click here.
Ice Pure Arctic Cotton Gentle Scrub
Next comes my favourite product! I love all sort of scrubs...face scrubs, body scrubs, hand scrubs...I feel much cleaner after I use one but on my face I have to limit myself to using a scrub just once a week to avoid over stimulation of sebum production. The good news for those with drier ski types is that this scrub is recommended for use twice weekly.
The Scrub has the same fresh scent as the Micellar Water and its texture is very fine indeed. Even the exfoliating particles are very fine to suit sensitive skins, which is ultimately the targeted skin type with this range. Again, Artic Cotton is the main active ingredient and it is very beneficial to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin especially considering the fact that the scrub also has a mechanical peeling action. The peeling and polishing actions serve to remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more even complexion.

In fact, I have noticed that my skin looks much better when I use this scrub rather then when I use my current one. It is softer and more luminous. In my opinion, if you try something out of this range, make it this scrub!
Ice Source Moisturising Gel
The last product for this post is the Ice Source Moisturising Gel. The Polaar Ice Source range is all about hydration and it is composed of a range of moisturisers to suit different needs. The active ingredient in this case is Encapsulated Glacier Water which is extracted from a natural, pollution-free environment to guarantee its purity. The Glacier Water is encapsulated in liposomes (tiny bubbles/vesicles made out of the same 'material' as a cell membrane) to optimise penetration into the skin for long-lasting hydration and to reinforce the skin's suppleness and softness.
The Ice Source Moisturising Gel is very lightly scented with a delicately light gel texture that makes this product the ideal moisturising agent for oily and combination skins. It also mattifies the skin while deeply hydrating it and can be used as a makeup base.
Again, my personal experience with this product has been a positive one as my skin remains shine free for a good number of hours and my makeup remains intact for a whole day.
I would recommend you trying out this brand, they have a full range of products for skin and body care as well as a sun care range and a whole range specifically tailored for men, the biggest I have ever seen to be honest. I have already treated my father to some skin care from them and even though he is not a fanatic, I can tell he loves the products for he is using them consistently!
For more information about Polaar products, kindly check out the Facebook page or the Polaar website.

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