Review | Pupa Milano Viva Carioca Summer 2014 Collection Chubby Gloss 005 Shiny Papaya & Long Lasting Eyliner 003 Parrot Blue

This summer, Pupa Milano's makeup proposition is a very vivid, colourful and exotic collection of brightly pigmented products that take inspiration from the traditions and colours of Brazil; and more specifically, the inspiration behind this collection is Carmen Miranda, a 40's and 50's icon who has helped diffuse Brazilian music on an international scale. Brazil happens to be the host of the latest World Cup edition, making this collection a true summer hit. Consequently, the Viva Carioca Collection is every bit summery with colours ranging from blues to oranges and bright fuchsia to yellow and everything in between. 

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The collection consists of:
4 Vamp! Compact Duo Eyeshadows - contrasting shades with intense colour payoff (€12.95 each)
4 Long Lasting Eyeliner - the shades are coordinated with the Vamp! compacts for a stunning result (€9.95 each)
3 Chubby Gloss - three fantastic shades that make the lips appear fuller and with a glossy finish (€10.20 each)
2 Like A Doll Luminys Blush - for a perfect complexion (€14.40 each)
4 Lasting Colour Gel Duos - to finish off your look, paint your finger and toe nails in one of the stunning colour combinations, made to match the eyes! All sets carry a metallic shade and a glossy shade (€9.18 per set)

I was sent two products from the collection, namely Chubby Gloss 005 Shiny Papaya and Long Lasting Eyeliner 003 Parrot Blue. Since the ones I have are testers, they do not reflect the actual packaging of the products you will find on sale which bear the exact colour of the product.
I think that blue and orange go well together so I decided to try both products in the same look.

I will start by reviewing the Chubby Gloss. The shade I got is 005 Shiny Papaya and the name really fits this bright orange beauty. Orange lips are very on trend right now and once you find your perfect shade, it is easy to carry it off. This one is quite bold so it goes better with tanned skin and darker skin tones...

...or so I thought! I tried it on around the house to see if the colour suits me or not and I was delighted to see it does :) Usually I tend to go for muted oranges because of my pale skin but changing things up is nice sometimes! I loved it so much I wore it that same evening to a family bbq and I was very much impressed with its lasting power! I'd say it survived a good three or four hours of laughing, talking, eating and drinking and the glossiness still prevailed!

I am also really fond of the pigmentation and again, the glossiness which means I can skip lipgloss - in summer, less is more! It feels very moisturising on the lips and the glossy finish really makes lips look fuller. I like the concept of the chubby bullet which twists up from the bottom, the same way a lipstick would; it makes application easy and there's no need to sharpen it! A definite 10 on 10!
Next is the Long Lasting Eyeliner in the shade 003 Parrot Blue, again a very fitting name. It reminds me of Blue Macau feathers - so bright and vibrant! It comes with a pointy sponge applicator, which in my opinion is easier to manage than a brush applicator as I feel it gives more control and preciseness.

The eyeliner doesn't take long to dry and I think they should change the name to 'ever lasting' because once it's dry, it's dry! It won't smudge or budge or anything until you take it off with an appropriate make up remover.

Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear on the eyes (I'm even wearing Pupa Vamp! Mascara in 300 in the picture above) and it also a current trend for summer. Pigmentation is ace - with just one swipe, you have enough blue on your eyes for the ocean to envy you! Another 10 on 10 product from Pupa Milano!
The Viva Carioca Collection is currently on sale from authorised retailers. For more information, kindly check out Pupa Milano in Malta on Facebook or the Pupa Milano website.
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  1. I like both products, this eyeliner applicator is my fav one and I always have something like Chubby Gloss in my purse! Great products, well done Pupa!