The Exit Interview Series | Volume #34

So, about two weeks ago, I decided to sort through my makeup and bath products for good and chucked out any products I have never used/ have no intention of using but bought them anyways/ simply stopped using them because I found better alternatives so this post will include these products as well apart from the actual empties.
I'll go with the empties first...
All the products in the first picture are favourites of mine. The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry scrub smells so good you can easily mistake it for the real thing! The Passionberry lip balm is also very good to taste but I hate lip balms in tins so I won't be repurchasing. Then there's the Neutro Roberts roll on deodorant which smells very fresh and lasts all day; repurchase already secured! Lastly, there's two samples of Guerlain Shalimar and Paco Rabanne Black XS perfumes, both of which are firm favourites of mine.
Next, I have some random makeup products. First up is the green Corrective Primer from Wjcon. It does a good job with covering redness and all but I am not really a fan of the fluid texture so I won't be repurchasing. Moreover, a good foundation and concealer can hide redness equally good so I am sticking to the silicon transparent primers which actually seem to make makup last longer. I have also used up the Covergirl Eye Enhancers Trio which has been part of my makeup collection for ages. It had nice shades of brown and beige which luckily I found dupes of. Another product which I won't be repurchasing is the E.L.F. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner; while it is a good product, I am gutted that the brand have reduced the size of it and kept the same price. Lastly, I have LRP Effaclar Mat moisturiser. I won't be repurchasing this one for now because I have quite a lot of products to go through but I still recommend it hands down to anyone looking for a nice, light moisturiser that beats oil build up.

Amongst other makeup products, mascara is quite abundant in my stash. I have finished two this month, both by Essence but my favourite is actually limited edition from the Marble Mania collection. The other two are also limited edition but I have barely used them and they dried up.
Moving on to products that I'm officially done with, I have a selection of cream eyeshadows first. The Catrice Made To Stay ones are very pigmented and they really do last long; however, whenever I used them, they made my eyes go puffy and irritated so I quit using them altogether. The same can be said for the Essence Stay All Day ones, except they didn't give me puffy or irritated eyes but sadly, they dried up. Could it be because they come in plastic jars? The Essence Ticket To Paradise cream eyeshadow is a beautiful shade of mint but it just doesn't show up on the skin and for this reason, I never bothered to use it again.

Then there's the NYX Concealer in a Jar CJ12 Green which does an excellent job at concealing redness on the skin but I have quit using it after trying out the Catrice Camouflage Cream which does an excellent job at hiding anything. The Estee Lauder brown eye pencil is another product which I have stopped using a long time ago. While I love the deep brown shade, it just doesn't last on my eyes and it fades away all too quickly. I have found better alternatives to it and consequently I totally forgot about it.
Next are some products that have gone bad. First up is the LRP Lipikar Lait which is a soothing body milk that I used to use as an after sun lotion to soothe my skin. Luckily, I only had very little left at the time of throwing it away due to it reaching it's expiry date. It is a good product that I highly recommend. I also have this eye contour gel that has been in my skin care drawer for ages and right from the beginning, whenever I used it, my eyes felt stinging so I gave up on it. Another skin care product is the Volcanic Clay blackhead remover whish is actually a sort of mask that you apply on your nose to remove blackheads. It is a good product but the last time I went to use it, I found it separated so I had to throw it away. The same thing happened with the E.L.F. Glitter Primer. I was really gutted for this one because I only used it a couple of times; needless to say, I won't be repurchasing it. Another E.L.F. product which has gone bad after I have only used it a few times is the cream eyeliner - it just dried out and I think it is also due to its plastic pot. Sad because it is such a pretty colour. Lastly, the Revlon lash glue. This is my favourite lash glue but once it reaches the bottom, it just goes goopy and you can't use it.

The last products I have here are actually ones I have used just once and didn't like them or I have found better alternatives to them. First off, Catrice Prime & Fine Anti-Red Base. While I like the concept of a corrective primer, as I said earlier on, I am now sticking to a regular primer base and a good foundation and concealer so it's no use keeping this in my stash. However, what I didn't like about this primer is the fact that it leaves a sort of shimmer on the skin. I have only used it once and I never bothered to use it again for that reason.
Next I have two MUA Lip Booms in the shades LMK and It's A Situation. I love the colours but I don't like their poor lasting power and when they fade, they leave your lips with an outline, pretty much looking like you only have lipliner on. Furthermore, the glitter in the lipgloss part is too chunky. I did like the sweet scent though.
Lastly, two E.L.F. products that I barely used because I didn't like the lack of pigmentation and short wear time. I have found better alternatives to both the eyeliner and the Studio Eyeliner and Shadow stick almost immediately, hence it's no use keeping these.

How often do you have a makeup clear-out ladies?

3 comments on "The Exit Interview Series | Volume #34"
  1. The Body Shop raspberry scrub sounds interesting - can't wait to give it a go! x

  2. I repurchased the ELF brush cleanser and wasn't impressed about the massive change in the size, especially as they kept the price the same. Completely agree with you on the Lip Boom, the glitter end is awful.

  3. Oooh I need a makeup clear-out soon, I feel better after throwing away stuff that I hate or has expired! The elf eyeliners seem to dry super fast, it's such a shame!