Event | Lilly Mae A/W 14/15 Collection Presentation in collaboration with The Smart Skin Clinic

Last Tuesday, I was invited to attend the presentation of the Autumn/Winter collection from Lilly Mae as well as a live demonstration of anti-ageing treatments by Dr. Joanna Delia from The Smart Skin Clinic at the luxuriously set Lilly Mae shop in the heart of Sliema.
We were greeted with drinks and some delicious canapés thanks to Dical House and after catching up a little, we were directed inside the shop for a live demonstration of Botox and Juvederm Dermal Fillers injection.
Dr. Joanna Delia patiently explained what both procedures entail while she performed both on her models for the night. To be honest, from what we hear about such treatments in media, they make them sound scary and all that but seeing the procedure being performed live in front of me, I kind of changed my opinion on the subject - when you don't exaggerate and when the treatment is properly executed that is. Local anaesthetic was applied before both procedures to give it time to kick in.

Ms. Michelle & Dr. Joanna Delia from The Smart Skin Clinic

Botox was the first treatment to be performed and we were told that it takes three days for the results to show. The injection begins by cleansing the client's face followed by the actual injection of Botox into the muscles of say the forehead to eliminate frown lines. Botox (full name being Botulinum toxin) mimics the action of Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter chemical which when released, contracts muscles in our body. Botox binds temporarily (effects last for roughly 4 months) to the Acetylcholine receptors on the forehead muscles and contracts them so that frown lines are not visible for that time frame. 

Dr. Delia cleansing her model's face prior to Botox injection
Dr. Delia performing a Botox injection on her model's forehead
Next up was a dermal filler demonstration. The results of dermal fillers are visible within a few seconds of the treatment being administered and since they are Hyaluronic Acid based, they will plump the skin instantly. Fillers can be 'hard' or soft' depending on where they will be applied. For example, a lip filler would be softer to enable the lips to still look natural. During the presentation, we were shown a filler injection into the naso-labial folds and a lip filler injection.

Dermal Fillers demonstration

With the treatments' demonstration over, it was time for the models to be all glammed up to showcase the Lilly Mae Autumn/Winter collection. The shop houses collections from world renowned brands Elena Miro, Basler and Marina Rinaldi and the shop mostly targets the needs of women who are on the heavier side with exquisitely tailored garments ranging from casual styles to the more elegant ones.
Here are some pictures of the lovely models showcasing new season numbers from the different brands. Their hair and makeup was left in the talented hands of staff from Beauty Inc. Boutique.





And that's a wrap! Would you consider having Botox or Dermal Fillers at any point? Let me know in the comments below!

Lilly Mae and The Smart Skin Clinic are located at Tigne Street, Sliema opposite each other.

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  1. Very interesting post! I haven't considered botox or fillers yet but if I do I'll make sure I do some research about it and see the procedures as you did. Having in mind that they are not permanent, I'd say, why not?