Review | Born Pretty Store Pearl and Metal Rhinestones

Born Pretty Store nail art items have become a somewhat regular appearance on this blog primarily because they are so cheap to buy and also because of the variety they offer. Today, I have one of their newly arrived rhinestone wheels to review and these are basically pearl and metal rhinestones which will fit a variety of nail art designs.

The wheel comes with 11 different colours of flat-back half-pearls with a metallic gold rim and each rhinestone has a 4mm diameter so you might want to reserve them for your larger nails. 

Moreover, since they are flat-back, they a little difficult to place on a curved part of your nail but applying a top coat every other day should do the trick to keep them in place for as long as you like. 

On me, they lasted for 5 days and I managed to take them off carefully to re-use them in another manicure.

You can get these pearl and metal rhinestones for $4.55 from Born Pretty Store with free worldwide shipping and you can even get 10% off with the code EBABK31.

Do you like the look of these rhinestones?

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