Review | Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Exfoliating Shower Gel

Showering is one of the most pleasant experiences and I try the make the most out of it with the products I treat my skin to and I like to have an array of shower gels, body scrubs and body lotions to suit my mood.

The latest shower gel to join my stash is Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Exfoliating Shower Gel and it is the one I am reaching for the most these days. The shower gel is a little on the watery side and it contains actual crushed peach kernels as the exfoliating agents.

I appreciate that the exfoliating particles are not too harsh, making the product is fit for everyday use since it will not feel too abrasive on the skin. The delicate yellow peach scent lingers on the skin for a long time yet it is not overpowering.

After using this shower gel, my skin feels really soft, just like when I use a scrub before I shower but in less time and with less abrasiveness!

Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Exfoliating Shower Gel can be bought for €5.80 for 200ml of product from any of the three stores in Malta located at:
11, Bisazza street, SLIEMA (Next to Sorbino and Ice watch)
219, Merchants street, VALLETTA (Next to Pumpkins Patch and in front of Caruana or the Electro store)
76, Antoine de Paule square, PAOLA (Next to Gauda)

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