Living Room Fashion

Blogging for over four years can have its toll on new posts, inspiration and content, hence whenever I am presented with a new idea that could easily fit with the subjects I normally write about, I jump at the chance! 

So here I am, styling a living room - just like I would style an outfit! I saw this post as an other way of looking at beauty and fashion.

I chose some pieces from the incredibly vast range of modern and contemporary furniture Modani have to offer and I feel this combination really reflects my personal style. I tend to be a little conservative in my sartorial choices often sticking to just two or mostly three colours in my outfit but I do like to give my outfits an edge sometimes by say wearing a striking colour or sticking to just one statement piece.

Here I chose different hues of grey and added a burst of lime with the pillows to give the room a vibrancy factor and warmth. The patterns on the pillows add more interest to the overall aspect of the room and they immediately draw your eyes to the main piece i.e. the modern sofa. To contrast the iciness of the sofa's colour, candles of different heights can be placed in a nice tray in the compartment on the chaise lounge part.

I chose the rug to add some texture just like a fur cape would lend a plain dress more interest and the silver vase further contributes to making the room come to life. The lamp and the coffee table add a complementing touch to the room and bring everything together with minimal effort! I personally like the idea of stacking two or three books on a coffee table - it's as if you're stacking bracelets on your arms so I would definitely include those if this had to be my living room.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post especially seeing it's a little different to what I usually write about. Check out Modani's website for the full range of modern interiors they offer, and why not?...some inspiration for your own homes!

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