Review | KIKO Makeup Milano Clics System

Today I have a very exciting review about the KIKO Clics System as you can tell by the title of this post.

What is this all about? Well I guess we have all been into an eyeshadow depotting stage to save space and have all our singles in one place but it's kind of time consuming and you're never really sure you're not going to break an eyeshadow or two or three in the process. KIKO have come up with the perfect solution though...

The Clics System consists of palettes with 1, 3, 4, 9 or 24 empty spaces and two varieties of eyeshadows that fit in them, the Infinity Eyeshadow and the Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadow. The palettes vary in prices accordingly and are only tailored for these two types of eyeshadows so they are ideal if you have a lot of KIKO Infinity eyeshadows and want to store them in one place but I guess more brands can take cue from KIKO and have their own empty palette system.

I got myself a 3 pan palette and two eyeshadows in my last KIKO haul. To be honest I wasn't going to get the palette but I'm so glad I did because it saves me from opening the individual boxes every time I want to use the eyeshadow.

Let's have a look at the packaging first. The Eyes Clics 03 palette comes in a black carton box while the actual palette is made of plastic and has a very sleek, matte appearance and a glossy design right in the middle on the front. On the right, it has the KIKO logo printed in silver. The palette features a glossy interior with three empty spaces ready to house your choice of Infinity or Infinity + Sparkle Eyeshadows and it has a magnetized closure mechanism. It is very light weight and is thus ideal for travel.

The individual eyeshadows have their own packaging - a black carton box with a window on the front to see the colour and they all come with a transparent lid that you remove prior to putting the eyeshadows in the palette.

One thing I like about this system is that the eyeshadows come with a peel-able and re-usable sticker at the back bearing the shade number that you can stick to the palette lid from the inside right above the corresponding eyeshadow. The eyeshadow pans click (hence the name of the system) in place, thus assuring they won't fall off but you can always re-position them if you so desire.

Finally, a word about the eyeshadows themselves. I think they are fairly pigmented last a good number of hours provided you use a primer underneath. They can be a little powdery though but overall, I think they are very good quality.

KIKO Eyes Clics 03 retails for €3.90 while the Infinity Eyeshadows retail for €4.90 each for 2g of product.

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  1. Wow stunning colours, loving the blue tones :D xoxo Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

  2. Cool concept! I love palettes like that, they save space and time! :) x