Review | KIKO Milano Acetone Nail Polish Remover Fast & Easy

I guess we all know the familiar feeling of being torn over whether or not to paint our nails in that gorgeous-but-I-can-imagine-what-a-pain-it-will-be-to-remove glitter polish or that dark vampy red shade that will end up all over your fingers.

Up to now, I have been using the foil removal method at it works wonders at removing such stubborn polishes but I cannot always do both my hands at once unless I get some help from anyone at home to apply the cotton pad and foil to my dominant hand so it can get a little time consuming.

Consequently, I decided to give this dip-sponge type of polish remover from KIKO Milano a go in my last order and I am still thinking to myself why didn't I get the whole stock???

First things first, this polish remover comes in a 75ml bottle with a screw-top cap and it has two big acetone polish remover soaked sponges with a small hole in between them where you put your fingers. It has quite a strong smell so a well ventilated area is a must when using this. The bottle is supplied in its own box.

I am very impressed with the fast mode of action of this baby as it works wonders at removing any kind of nail polish effectively in just a few seconds! All you have to do is just dip your nails one at a time in the hole between the two sponges, twist the bottle back and forth for a few seconds and voila'! your nail polish is gone without a trace! It is also effective at removing soak off gel polish and plastic false nails.

Even though this nail polish remover is acetone based, I have never had any issues with it drying out my nails or anything primarily because it acts very fast so you don't need to soak your nails in it for a long time.

KIKO Acetone Nail Polish Remover Fast & Easy is available from the KIKO Cosmetics website at €5.90 and is also available in an Acetone-Free version.

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