Laser Hair Removal - One Year On

When I posted about my first time experiencing laser hair removal one year ago, I received a good number of emails and messages asking me if I think the procedure is really effective or not. In all cases, the response was the same - I will have to wait for a few more treatments to be able to give a thorough assessment. 

Well, now it's been a little over a year that I have started LHR and I can say that I am positively impressed with the results. Actually, I could see a difference in the amount of hair right after the first treatment but it was still too early to comment. The first area I decided to have treated was my back, which is in actual effect the very reason I wanted to get LHR. I would like to point out that had very fine hair but since it is dark, I was always very conscious about it especially during the summer months. After the first treatment, I noticed however, that the hair took around 7 and a half weeks to grow back and it appeared to be lighter than before. Furthermore, I noticed that some patches didn't have any re-growth straight away. 

As you would expect, I maintained my 8-week appointments for a year and now I can really see the difference with only a few areas of my back requiring further shots of treatment. Since my year membership entitles me to a 30 minute session every 8 weeks, I always manage to fit in other areas such as lower legs, upper lips, under arms and full brazilian.

In fact, I have renewed my membership for another year to treat all other areas as well and so far I am very pleased with the results! All the positive results are not possible without the amazing team at Chic Med-Aesthetic Clinic where I get LHR. I always recommend the clinic to anyone who asks me where I have laser done especially in the light of the excellent customer service and also because I have never had any problems with burns or any other complications. Everyone at the clinic has a professional approach to the client and they always make sure the bring out The Best Of You ;)

If you would like more information about LHR you can either check out my first post here or else the Chic Med-Aesthetics Facebook page or website.

This post was written by me out of my own will and is in no way sponsored by Chic Med-Aesthetic Clinic.

2 comments on "Laser Hair Removal - One Year On"
  1. I'm happy to hear it's working! I (still) want to start laser removal but I've heard many stories about people who paid for laser and got ipl that I'm afraid to pay for a membership. If I remember correctly, you had your first appointment for free or something? I think this is the only way to know for sure what you're paying for!
    p.s. loved the photo :D

    1. Yes indeed Natalie, I have heard of people paying laser prices and getting IPL instead but having a consultation and patch test before the actual treatment really helps to know what you're paying for. Mine was €20 for the consultation which was refunded upon my booking for the first appointment so it was technically free :)