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Although nail foils have been around for quite some time, it is only recently that they are being used more frequently and appreciated by nail art enthusiasts. From plain solid colours with holorgaphic finishes to patterned foils, you will definitely find something you like!

At Born Pretty Store you're definitely spoilt for choice with over 32 different patterns and I myself was quite confused as to which design I should get but ultimately I settled for style C-03 which features different coloured flowers and butterflies with a purple holographic finish on a clear backing which makes it excellent for beginners.

The foil comes in a screw-top bottle to keep it intact and prevent the design from being scratched away and the total length is 100cm and the width is 4cm. 

All you have to do is prep your nails and apply base coat and colour as usual and after applying the second coat of base polish colour, you can either wait until it is almost dry and apply the foil or else, you can allow it to dry completely and use a foil adhesive to apply the foil. The adhesive must be a little tacky for the foil to transfer and in any case, I suggest you work a few nails at a time and always use a rubber hoofstick or a cotton disc to rub on the foil and help it transfer completely.

The foils are also fit for use with gel nail polish - simply apply the gel and cure as usual then you just wipe the inhibition layer, apply the adhesive and transfer the foil. Always remember to apply top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design.

In my case, I haven't had any issues while applying the foil and considering I change my nail polish every four days or so, this particular foil design has lasted me well all throughout. All foils are easily removed with regular polish remover.

If you want to get some foils from Born Pretty Store, make sure you check them all out here and at just $2.88 per roll, you can get as many as you like! You can even get 10% off with my code EBABK31 and remember that shipping is always free on Born Pretty Store!

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