The Exit Interview Series | Volume #41

This month I have quite a number of empties to talk about, most of which are samples which I took with me to London.  These perfume and hand cream samples from Yves Rocher and Bottega Verde respectively have proven to be very handy when travelling as they helped me save space. Shown in the picture is also a Valentina sample. My favourite perfume was the Moment de Bonheur from Yves Rocher and I also enjoyed the rich hand cream and body lotion from Bottega Verde.

I have also used up samples of products I have full sizes of as well as a bottle of rose water and a Montagne Jeunesse serum that came with a face mask. The Garnier moisturiser was actually a new one and my skin really welcomed to rich formula in the chilly London air.

Next, I have The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo and Olive Shower Gel travel sizes which I have already got backups of for future travels. I have also used up a Dr.Organic Pomegranate Soap which did wonders for my keratosis pilaris and I will definitely re-purchase. The Cool Coconut Surf shower gel was a gift from my aunt in the US and it reminds me of summer so much! Luckily I still have the matching body lotion!

Lastly, some nail and makeup empties. The remover is a common occurrence and I keep repurchasing it over and over. The KIKO Brush Cleanser is a wonder product of which I have more backups of - I just like how it cleans brushes in an instant. The Essence Gel Nails At Home Top Coat is being discontinued which is kind of a pity as it was a good soak off top coat.

This month, I have sadly finished the La Roche Posay Respectissime mascara which I really liked and I also used up a sample size of the Pupa Milano Vamp! Mascara in Black. The Essence Stay Natural concealer has been replaced as it started oxidizing on me and turned darker as for the lip balm, it isn't all used up but the mechanism didn't work anymore and I couldn't twist the product out anymore.

3 comments on "The Exit Interview Series | Volume #41"
  1. I didn't know about the soak off top coat being discontinued, is it because of the normal polish range is now 'gel'?

    1. Yes Misha :) they are being discontinued for that exact reason :)

    2. That's a shame really, the new gel ones are nothing like this real gel one.